Saleen S7 Twin Turbo-Start up, Engine Sound and Walkaround

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I got a once in a lifetime opportunity to record this beautiful car. The owner is one of the coolest guys you will ever meet, a really nice guy. Special thanks to him for letting me do this! Also, want to give credit to Black Wolf Automotive Specialties Located in Woodbridge, Virginia! They do awesome work there go check them out!

Also, this car was featured in a music video by 50 Cent! Song is called candy shop here is the link!




gregg4164 says:

That is one of the most beautiful cars I have ever seen. That color is just amazing and the sound, well what can you say.

zeus lim says:

Best engine sound ever.

Laura Gonzalez says:

@Fizzy Mind, I dont care if it is ugly. If you want a very expensive luxury car, you will want to buy the Rolls-Royce Ghost, the most expensive car in the world.

fsc3 says:

It's looks like the devil would drive this car.

fsc3 says:

It's looks like the devil would drive this car.

Youssef Joo says:


X30N says:

Definitely not ugly your trippin.

Takan _Vahroee says:

Look at that American beauty

RealMCR12 says:

This is actually in Virginia. Owner register the car under Montana to avoid high taxes.

strmchsr902004 says:

I live In montana and I sure as hell do not see him around. Must not bring it to to many car shows

Bramantyo says:

from the engine sound it's really feel an american car.

cicatriz says:

ugly and the door sound is low quality. otherwise, awesome car

adrian grannum says:

I am extremely close to getting one of these.

EagleEyes11497 says:

Saleen is the best

Yang Jin says:

I'd like to have one of this as a homeless man in washington d.c.
Because Saleen S7 TT has Excellent Color match with any color.
I like the performance and the design,specially design.

viperng says:

Gorgeous car!

Arai Rhasta says:


GT1Fanatic says:

S A L E E N -_-

thewhofan99 says:

saleen s7: proof that big block pushrod engines are still owning on the street. 427 for life!

Jan Aelbrecht says:

Too bad you can't drive such a car over here in Belgium… Too many bumps in the roads :'( xD


Hell yeah haha

Illyrian4life says:

super car looks and muscle car sound. just perfect for me.

Bailey Louque says:

wrong lambo

RealMCR12 says:

@DarkManRo haha I love the LP 670 SV my fav lambo of all times:)

DarkManRo says:

omg! best car in the world!
even the new lambo (aventador) can't beat this one hahah

V8Supercar1 says:

@Bret3030: Its a 7.0 liter 427

Bret3030 says:

does anybody know the cubic inch of the motor

DtRockstar1 says:

That thing sure sounds brutal! +1

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