Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Walkaround and Acceleration Sound

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First time I’ve seen one of these on the road and it’s beyond crazy. This Saleen S7 Twin Turbo is 1/20 in the world and was blacked out by its current owner, who is also in possession of other great cars, such as a blacked out Enzo and Challenge Stradale 🙂

In the vid you can see the walkarounds and different angles of the car followed by an acceleration from this beast plus another car…

Also a special shoutout to my friend Matt K. for letting me use his camera to shoot this!

Song: Faxing Berlin [Grifta Dubstep Remix]-deadmau5


Guillem Peris Clari says:

el peor video de la historia

ER1C says:

i thought it screamed i have amazing taste in cars

Amongst OurAshes says:

I Loooooovve this car, I know its like half a million car, but fuck i want to own one! I love the car in every single game its in. Such a sexy car, not gonna lie, it is sexy lol

On the verge of Vani11a says:

Yes. You must be Chinese too 🙂

REAL4wd says:

WOWWWWWWWW. WHAT A BEAUTY , bring it on Italy what u got now?

johnnybones21 says:

still one of my favorite's and will always be a neck breaker

Lowecasso says:

@stabbification Lame comment.

TheMason7125 says:

@stabbification uhh what?

Lone1 says:

Hands down the most the most bad ass car ever built in the US.

DLMphotos says:

@stabbification Jealousy is a bitch isn't it?

John Smith says:

That's definitely a car that screams…"I HAVE A 3" DICK!!"

Terrance Collins says:

saw a deep red one with a spoiler at the Philadelphia auto show 2 years ago, the guy who owned it said it had 1000hp…1000hp in a car that weighs 2700lbs thats fucking ridiculous

mustangaddicted says:

1:07 save you the effort.

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