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We went to collect a new Rolls-Royce Wraith, and came away with a Porsche GT2 RS as well! Congratulations to Randy from Savage Garage on this insane day of supercar shopping in Washington DC with the spontaneous addition to the collection. How epic is this GT2 RS?!

With the awaited arrival of the new Rolls-Royce Wraith taking a few extra hours, and therefore some time to kill, we went over for a spot of supercar shopping around Ferrari of Washington – initially just to browse but then we stumbled into a PTS Pastel Orange Porsche GT2 RS… quite literally in Savage Garage orange.

Each one of the crew walked in and jaws dropped, “wow” echoed around and Randy’s face instantly showed a picture that this was to be the one. With a nail biting wait for clarification if all could go ahead, it was then around to Sterling Rolls-Royce to collect the new Wraith immediately as it arrived at the dealership.

No question that made for an action packed and spontaneous day; the very best kind! A huge congratulations to Randy on his new acquisitions, two very different but amazing cars to join the Savage Garage.

Thank you very much to Randy and the team for hosting me, you can follow plenty more of their rally adventures here:

Thanks for watching, Tim



Shmee150 says:

It's a crazy day with Randy from Savage Garage as we head to collect his brand new Rolls-Royce Wraith and he adds a GT2 RS to the collection along the way. Congratulations to him on the epic new car!

spadgm says:

Oh my lawd, that is a stunning GT2 RS!

Thiago Albino Santos says:

Don't break Shmee.

Va B says:

Found it. You like like Peppa Pig.

Marius Ipad says:

Where are the black people – what is this Ku Klux Klan not so secret base?

Andy 911 says:

Best color ever 🤜💪

will Cotter says:

How come you did not announce you were coming to DC I am less than 10 miles away!

Peyton Brown says:

In the famous words of the Stradman, savage garage is “flexing on the nation”

ScottOne says:

Shmee150 OMG you were in my neighborhood! Man if I saw you guys I would have flipped.

Broc Tabor says:

Thank you. How awesome is guy, and very down to earth. Damn , can the MONEY fly any faster. 💸💰💵💴💶

Brad Leonard says:

I wonder what being rich feels like.

wrcool says:

Shmee: We won't intrude on the phone call

Also Shmee: Intrudes on the phone call

Eric Kunkel says:

Biggest baller goes to savage

John Williams says:

Are you guys going to go to Cars and Coffee with Savage Garage @ Katie's Coffee House?!?!?!

Kennan Jackson says:

Data Center Alley… Love the sounds in Ashburn VA

jwang604 says:

My honda civic has VTEC!

William Crawford says:

PDR should come standard on these expensive cars

Michael Chong says:

Jesus it kills me spending £60 in Asda 😂😂

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