Spectacular Space X Launch Sends Tesla Roadster Into Orbit

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Manuel Bojorquez reports on historic launch using new Falcon rocket with special payload (2-6-2018)


Joseph Burns says:

I feel so sorry for anyone that believes that car in space is the fakest thing I’ve ever seen unfucking believable

Irish Wrist Watch says:

0:30 is that the moon in the left side?

Neion Tha Plug says:

This is the fakest video I have ever seen. Got me f'd up lol

Will Barton says:

Fake, where is the ice?

Aaron Wine says:

Huh. Where's all the STARS?

Noah Baboa says:

Did anyone notice the thing that appeared in the background of the last showing of the Tesla in space

Plebeian Media says:

Jamie couldn’t find this video.

This White Guy says:

Lmao why not use momentum to launch something into space rather than using all that energy on a stationary launch

N G says:

Eddie Bravo doesn't buy it.

Macs Angeless Crook says:

You can tell it's real cause it looks fake…

Mauricio Villamil says:

This tastes like bullshit…

Jonathan Soko says:

rogan thinks this is real LUL

cforte0423 says:

At 1:49 you can see someone in the back seat.

Danny Ocean says:

Stupid absolutely stupid.

D P says:


TES Enthusiast says:

That is the fakest fuckin shit i have ever seen

Isaac says:

Lol faker than a 3 dollar bill

Rudy Lucar says:

Is this real
The video looks fake as f

Bobby Silver says:

2:14 Hello studio artifact appearing in the top of the picture. This is a bigger fake than Dolly Parton's boobies.

Kieran Forsyth says:

Anyone here because of joe rogan ??

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