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SSC ULTIMATE AERO, the fastest car in the world, at our event on Saturday September 26th, hosted by bbi AUTOSPORT in Huntington Beach


Hello says:

@mbclk65amg Sure

SgtSkullFog says:

xD hes a damn genius at parking!

Parasitisch says:

With a car that expensive and fast, fuck parking.

mbclk65amg says:

@ahmed123413 Then I would like to see it.

Hello says:

@mbclk65amg i have one its for 564,000

mbclk65amg says:

@ahmed123413 um, no, you dont "ahmed123413"….you WISH you have one, like I WISH I had one, but you dont really own one.

shawn mcfadden says:

No parking skills lol

Hello says:

i have one it sucks because get TOO much speed tickets

Hello says:

i have one it sucks

realest one out here says:

@490Dodesheide No, the fact that I saw a reply notification on my front page answers why I answered. Me doing something doesn't mean I care about it. Think about it as I proceed to ignore further comments.

Sveeny says:

@TheIceMask the fact that you answered me tells me that you care 😉

realest one out here says:

@490Dodesheide Bro I really dont care I forgot I even watched this video, nor will I ever care.

Sveeny says:

@TheIceMask I can tell you why anyone would buy the veyron: because It doesnt fucking blow up if youre going super fast!

Sveeny says:

@pkmix2 the veyron supersports is actually the worlds fastest car and it is faster than the ssc…

Omar Gonzalez says:

@pkmix2 World's fastest production car BUGATTI VEYRON SUPER SPORT.
and take this for granted, the bugatti will do top speed while the A/C is on and you're listening to your music.
this one won't

pkmix2 says:

the veyron is garbadge. it has all wheel drive witch makes it more stable at high spends this car is rwd but it can get to its top speed almost 1 min faster than the veyron. and for ur infomation this car is faster than the veyron. the veyron is the worlds fastest PRODUCTION CAR not the woulds fastest car

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