SSC Ultimate Aero Drag Racing (402 метра или 1/4 милли)

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SSC Ultimate Aero Drag Racing (402 метра или 1/4 милли)


odessaboy says:

Less than half the cost.. a veyron is a 2.5 million dollar car, and aero 400k.

CrimnlBT says:

and will last not even 1/4 of the time a bugatti will hold, how many veyrons have been broken? and 2 of the 6 aeros already went back due to problems… btw the sound system in the bugatti ALONE is about 1/5 of the whole aero^^
but quality is sth. most americans don't understand^^

fathead adolf barry says:

9,90 that slaphead wishes ,i got 12 or 13 secs befor the vid fades out and the cars still not past the line ,very little videos of this car have they even sold one to a non arab ?

suggett48116 says:

@pbmdh you forgot 1/10th the experience

Adeum Deus says:

@suggett48116 Another Veyron fanboi. Great.

Ever seen an Ultimate Aero up close? I have. Perfectly built. Everything was tight and well fit. Engine is superbly built. Whole car runs quieter, smoother, and better than a Veyron.

Does not register as a kit car, and thus is not a kit car. It is a good looking car if you overlook the first 3 or 4 cars built (when they upped the power and donned their new Carbonfiber wheels).

Fail. Troll.

Adeum Deus says:

@alexander1485 gotta love it when morons jump into a conversation without reading what was posted before, huh?

That was my point. Anybody can build a 300mph car with tons of power…The real challenge is getting that power to be street legal.

suggett48116 says:

well what did this shit…..oops I mean kit car run?

alexander1485 says:

@iwasadeum not to be street legal…. anyone can do what you said for the bonneville salt flats….

V8Supercar1 says:

@TheRosebud730: Oh yes it does destroy the Veyron. The new SSC Tuatara, with its 7 speed tripple clutch gear box, 1350HP DOHC V8 that revs to 9000rpm and a top speed of 275mph. And the interior. OMG SSC just unveiled the interior. And saying that its great, is an understatement.

V8Supercar1 says:

@baseballballs: How is it that you think the Aero is a piece of crap when it does more with less. SSC didn't have to use a W16 engine and 4 turbos to achieve 1001 HP. They did it with 2 turbos and a V8 and achieved 1184HP. Reliability? SSC put their engine on a dyno and did over 300hrs of redline dyno testing to prove its reliability before they decided to build it. Handling? The Aero had shorter braking distances and quicker slalom times vs. the Veyron 16.4

V8Supercar1 says:

@baseballballs: It doesn't matter. Because the new SSC will be here late next year with a top speed of 275 mph, which already has buyers lined up. And of course Buggatti better sell more cars. They have been around for decades and is backed by a billion dollar company in Volkswagen. SSC just produced their first production car in 06. And besides, no one is comparing the Aero to the Veyron. People are comparing the performance aspects of the cars to one another.

emma caulfield says:

loke up the ssc new car they are making it destroys the bugatti

Island Life says:

@baseballballs with a quick (and lazy i might add) google search I can tell you that in fact 2 have been sold and I imagine more but I'm too lazy to try to figure out how to get the real figures, but J Leno has one and a dealership in Vegas bought one to sell.

Island Life says:

@baseballballs SSC made 40 Aero's a year from 2006 – 2009.

Audiking cadillac says:

@baseballballs Im not 15 you idiot im 16 so get you facts right you just dont like the ssc ultimate aero.That can happen to any supercar but you just a fanboy that worshipped the veyron like its god and they have a next car that is called the ssc tuatara

Audiking cadillac says:

@baseballballs What because the car cant went over a very steap hill that could of happen to any supercar and the UA have adjustable ridehight

Audiking cadillac says:

@baseballballs how do you know that the UA cant handle well I am a big veyron fan but i give other cars respect unlike you that worshiped the veyron like it is the best come on because its american that dosn't makes it shit

Snooker Coaching At The Snooker Gym says:

Pile of agricultural over americanised crap – however, the next version is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and i really hope they pass 275mph. that would be great

Peevy Car Reviews says:

@baseballballs you must have low knowledge of cars check the statistics, why the fuck would i pay 1.5 million for a car that barley goes faster than a car the cost less then half and packs the same bite quality sure the Veyron has but its not a true race car the SSC is so come back to me wit a reasonable rebuttal if not please stop.

redghost105 says:

@pbmdh very true, but in the end
horsepower is horsepower, it doesn't matter if its american made, german, italian

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