Ssc ultimate aero perfect tuning drag racing

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This video was uploaded from an Android phone.


antoniuo diego says:

move your hand and cant see

Nick Chiaravalle says:

just double tap buy infinite. press buy then press cancel

haventgotoverit says:

personal best: 10.14secs but average is 10.20secs

Nathan Matevia says:

Ssc ultimate aero
Nd:2.10 143%
Final drive:2.282
I run 10.950 to 11.000 with this just shift right 🙂 my highest is 10.924

Rob Strunk says:

I run consistent 10.98's with my ssc but i think it can do better. i will post my tune for it if anyone wants it. i found it on another video but I can post it up. Anyway, what is the fastest car in this game? Is it the venom? I can beat the venom most of the time in head to head but I've come across other ssc and venoms that can beat me and can figure out how to beat them.

iMPushyyy says:

this is all you should be racing with this car is a 10 haha

iMPushyyy says:

its a cheat hack thing you can look it up thru youtube on how to do it

Billy Murphy says:

i have it on 10 and i won the first 3 races with it.

Scottie2hottie456 says:

holy shit how did you get that much respect points

varin rampersad says:

Hey i versed u on random mode and wooped ur ass

Scott Link says:

Why would u waste your time with this car on 10?

Sanjay Srinivasan says:

Cn u pls tel me de tunin for ssc aero ultimate level7 ?

unkonshus says:

LVL10 SSC Aero running 10.917 user name Plano_Texas

iMPushyyy says:

@NikoloMack619 sweet man.

DezertKing 83 says:

I've raced you!

vabeach454 says:

I'm getting 10.926 level 10 🙂 FAST FURY LOL

rockstar8391 says:

Oh so its not level 9 because you can't have everything fully upgraded then

rockstar8391 says:

Oh I thought this was level 9 tuning because you can't have everything fully upgraded

iMPushyyy says:

@rockstar8391 fully upgraded

rockstar8391 says:

What are the upgrades you have on the car???

justin timberflake says:

i'm doing 10,920 😉

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