SSC Ultimate Aero TT top speed testing (worlds fastest car)

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SSC Ultimate Aero TT flying by multiple times at extremely high speeds! The last flyby the car was going about 220mph.


Rode Snavel says:

Awesome car. But i will have an agera instead

Jack MacDonald says:

The waste-gates on this sound hilarious

darkmatter972 says:

Makes you wander why Bugatti did Veyron with double what SSC has. I mean, double the weight, pistons, turbos, I think Veyron has a few more radiator too. Someone needs to make a piece of road long enough to test these kinds of cars, seems more builders are able to produce them these days. 10 mile straight stretch at sea level should do it.

Garret Cummings says:

sounds like a fucking jet

TheCertifiedFresh says:

Lmao at the comments. Yall are all noobs. Have any of you drove any of these cars? Better yet do you own either……… Ill wait…………………

TheCertifiedFresh says:

Those damn bov sound amazing. Smh.

munib1000 says:

do this with the bugatti

Tommylooooo says:

1:02 coolest sound ever sound like a jet coming

This Is A Certified Hood Classic says:

It's the Buggati Veyron it was already proven.

QRXenomorphs says:

Maybe this car isn't as fast as the Super Sport Veyron but I got one thing to say about the SSC Ultimate Aero TT-22miles to the gallon!

FiveSpdStandard says:

@NosferatuAaacaado the retarded one here is you. Maybe you should read between the lines instead of taking things at face value. I never said that the veyron wasnt stable up to that speed, all i said was that you cant say you have a "world's fastest car" with conviction unless all relevant data is presented. Which ,in this case, is when both the cars will stop accelerating regardless of road length.

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