Suzuki swift sport drift

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extrait d’un test de la Zc31s, passage en drift

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TiozzoPro says:

from what test was taken this clip? thnx

Ho Po says:

Nice behaviour of the car!

Danzi Pie says:

ahahahha my swift is WAY cooler than this… limited edition 1.5l manual. goes way harder

George Due says:

1.3 …. not Sport…..

John van der Gaag says:


Lol, when RWD's and AWD's drift they create oversteer also, it's called a drift when it's controlled, either for 5 seconds or be it 10 seconds.. Controlled oversteer is drifting..

And yes, FWD cars CAN drift, only it takes alot more skill to do so..

Jm3 MTB says:

that is drifting did u not see he was sideways in full control take a look at the direction of the wheels.

Moonface00z says:

how do you drift ?

Nopiw says:

there is no "swift sport 1.6gti" moron
either a Swift GTI (older model)
or a Swift Sport (actual model)

poker2head says:

Thats rear wheel/all wheel drive..acant u see the rear wheels spinning..?

George Due says:

Swift Sport is an AWD ? OK…
And Ferrari makes FWDs….
Whatever dude…

hipower says:

its actually AWD

mo79mo says:

BTW its an awesome drift 🙂

mo79mo says:

u need some balls aint easy to drift a fwd with a rwd its WAY easier.

niggel123 says:

you´re right, its a fwd

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