Suzuki Swift Sport Handbrake Turn Challenge – Fifth Gear

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The guys get their hands on the Suzuki Swift Sport and do what any good, self-respecting motor-head would do… a handbrake competition. For more fantastic car reviews, shoot-outs and all your favourite Fifth Gear moments, subscribe to our Official Channel –

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andrea gomes says:

That dude with the suit needs to brush his teeth

GOrDoN ReMseY says:

Yellow shoes lol

Connor Milner says:

love my swift sport

Top Line says:

LOL,,, the indian version is just a tin-box!

Shaji DJ says:

raise your hand if you thought this was Top Gear

Dominic H Rodrigues says:

Yanker or Wanker???

Peter Bvbk says:

That´s why this program isn´t as good as Top Gear… Let them go untill it says boom =)

Het eeuwige leven says:

Stelletje pubers wordt volwassen

Ravi Mishra says:

So it settled J-Lo is a "chunky little monkey"

JP05CPSN says:

top Yanker!

daniel rodriguez says:

Stupid test

Clarence Chang says:

if only fifth gear producers had a little more courage and let things bent… then i would watch the show.

B.D. says:

AWWW! I wanted to see some bent metal! XD

Nico says:

which oil can i use to service suzuki swift.

ALTN8NRG says:

lol "Chunky littl' monkey"

RL R says:

I wonder what will happen when Tiff retires…don´t think having the major concentration of OBNOXIOUS PRETENTIOUS ASSHOLES as presenters provides advantage for a tv show…especially that fucking idiot at 0:37.

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