Suzuki Swift Sport ‘Hot Hatch’ TVC – AdNews

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Armaan Dhaliwal says:

its an australian ad, retard

Kyle Hodgson says:

Well.. It is climbing up a slight incline. IRL it would have seized. Suzuki sux.

Saul says:

the commercial got bashed cos at the 21 second mark, the voice over says something about 6 air bags…

Bontolon says:

This is an advertisement in Australia where driving is on the left side of the road.

Greg Pfundt says:

I can't believe people are saying this shouldn't be on TV… how can anybody be serious about sensoring THIS? Unbelievable lol.

CheeseUnion says:

Who in the smoking hell is that girl?

kensai69 says:

Sex may sell perfumes…but it will never sell cars….

Hard Bodie says:

Steering wheel is on the wrong side

lifewithbunty says:

so does this mean the car's AC system is not good?

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