During the Top Marques Monaco 2013, I had the chance to do a ride of 35 minutes in this exclusiv Noble M600 through Monaco. As every year, Noble was present at the show and had a car available for the test ride ! This year, the 650HP Noble M600 was in carbon blue as you can see from the GoPro view in the video, I will upload later a video from the Noble M600 I filmed driving in Monaco from the exterior
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Many Thanks to the driver !

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Accident in gt polonia. About 10 injured, no more details. The driver just lost control on car and hit the group of the people standing near the track.

Technical Editor Michael Austin pits Chevrolet’s best Corvettes, the ZR1 and Z06, against one another in the latest episode of Car and Driver: Tested.

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Latest update is 20 injured, 5 severely injured and still hospitalized but stable.

The Koenigsegg CCR driver ran into the crowd at Gran Turismo Polonia 2013 event in Poznań, Poland. 19 people were injured, four of them seriously.

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Wypadek podczas pokazu samochodów sportowych – Gran Turismo Polonia 2013 30.06.2013.

On this episode of Ignition, Angus Mackenzie pays a visit to Molsheim, France to explore the history and development behind the world’s most expensive street legal super car, the Bugatti Veyron. The Veyron has a turbocharged 16-cylinder engine that makes more than 1000hp, can accelerate to 60mph in about 2.7 seconds, goes faster than 250mph, and costs well over a million dollars. Afterwards, Angus then heads to Ehra-Lessien near Wolfsburg, Germany to witness the next iteration of the Veyron, the Vitesse, take on a top speed record challenge, before ultimately getting behind the wheel himself.

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Find out how designer Peter Boutwood went from dreaming up clothes for pop stars to making every Noble supercar an unforgettable high octane experience.

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Here is a lovely Saleen S7 Twin Turbo from New York, which was at Marques d’Elegance that was hosted at the Paletta Mansion in Burlington Ontario. I was lucky enough to catch the owner starting it up and revving it hard. Thanks to DtRockstar1 for the heads up!

Video includes shots of the front and rear and also a start up plus some loud revs. It was much louder in person than in the video. turn up your speakers to 11 for the best audio experience!