Tesla Model S – Official Walkthrough HD

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A detailed walkthrough through the Tesla Model S.

Jump to chapters:

– Key and Doors:
00:49, 1 minute

– Front Trunk, Trunk, and Seats
01:40, 2 minutes

– Charging
03:18, 3 minutes

– Steering Wheel
06:50, 3 minutes

– Touchscreen Status Bar and Charging Menu
10:07, 2 minutes

– Homelink, Profiles and Bluetooth
11:53, 2 minutes

– Driver Controls and All Glass Panoramic Roof, Part 1
13:33, 2 minutes

– Driver Controls, Part 2
14:05, 2 minutes

– Settings
17:32, 2 minutes

– Heating and Ventilation
19:00, 1 minute

– Introduction to Touchscreen Apps
19:40, 1 minute

– Media
20:25, 3 minutes

– Navigation
23:38, 2 minutes

– Energy, Web, Back-up Camera and Phone
25:10, 2 minutes

– Glove Compartment and Manuals
26:30, 1 minute

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mari angeles torres de la cruz torres de la cruz says:

Esta aqui por danirep?

WilliamThePianist ! says:


I still love Tesla <3

ben mok says:

tesla c'est de la merde

Abdoulie Jallow says:

how can you have fun, when you are just watching and not driving

Abdoulie Jallow says:

for people like me don't worry, we will have more than this in paradise.

Abdoulie Jallow says:

Can you give me one tesla and give to any job to do in your company without a pay ?

Benz Was here says:

Tech package is the only word I heard.

Daizy Beatz says:

I think am in Love with this phenomenal beautiful Stunning Tesla

Andrew Slabaugh says:

Very confusing and time consuming the front trunk is a perfect place to store a gas powered generator because your gonna need it

ydn says:

why the first sentence?? ??

Hans Kamp says:

In the Netherlands the Tesla Model S is the most popular electric car. No that I am watching this video, I am not amazed. It is an awesome car. A screen instead of a physical dashboard is awesome, although you have to get used to it.

Satyam Choudhary says:

What is the price of that car?

Adil Amankour says:

Anakin skywalker will return in episode 9.

Joshua K says:

Beautiful. I have made it a goal to purchase one in the next 5 years.

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