Tesla MODEL S P100D VS Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 – DRAG RACE!

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This video features the Tesla MODEL S P100D VS Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4! Electric super car vs Super car! wich one you prefer?!

The video taken during the 2017 Spring Event , organized by Petrolhead Events!
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KSKR UK says:

How to make a rag race between an Aventador and Milk float more interesting?.. Stall the Aventador!

AJ Joshi says:

What kit has this Tesla got on it?

Ghost says:

Model s P100D com bateria 100% leva a lambo e tem muito mais luxo e sofisticação por dentro. Lambo e tradição e barulho. Tesla e mais carro

Ulukai Azgard says:

these guys got the premature evacuation

Matthew Plotner says:

Video is pointless

AppLinkTV says:

What kind of joke is this? That was no drag race. The Lambo had to brake for it to catch up. Stupid.

Bestman says:

What kind of a drag race was that

Kyan Simon says:

this was so shit

ashes says:

Shouting so much yet can't win sh

Kamil Adam says:

Jeszcze oprócz pieniędzy trzeba mieć mózg 😉

Lasmamlas Losmoulos says:

Seriously? A 5000 lbs luxury saloon can beat a super sport car? Sure, only up to 80 mph but hello! Any luxury saloon of similar size and weight wouldn't have any chance against a super sport car, the only thing their owners could see would be the Lambo's tail lights afar! How many proofs do you need the electric motors are better in almost every aspect? Less running costs? Better performance? Zero emissions? Zero engine lubricant costs? Almost zero engine noise? Far less engine parts which could fail? 2 times longer service intervals? Up to 3 times less wear of the brakes due to regenerative motor braking? Far less complicated production? Smaller carbon footprint?

Aman Basanti says:

What the hell did I just watch? Who was driving? Stevie Wonder and Billy Joel?

Pumpkin Escobar says:

What the fuck did I just watch

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