Tesla’s Autopilot System Is Creepy And Wonderful

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We test drove Tesla’s Model S Level 2 autonomous system, known as Autopilot. It was super weird and super fun.

Check out the full review: http://jalopnik.com/teslas-autopilot-system-is-awesome-and-creepy-and-a-sig-1736573089

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Tyler Carelli says:

Nothing is wonderful about this….

Fifield _kk says:

drives better than most americans.
especially teenagers

simpulator says:

Make those videos 2 seconds cause 1,5 min is too long.

RoseGold says:

They should make a taxi were you just pay with your creditcard or phone and it takes you werever you want. Thats a great fucking idea

Bryce says:

Welcome to the future. I would love to have one of those cars

ScrubPuppy says:

I'm getting old. I can't imagine putting all my faith in a machine, even though that is where we are heading. Bye bye, truck drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, airline pilots, etc.

sweiland75 says:

If you are so confident that the car will get into an accident then why would you get in the car? While I would have complete confidence that I would arrive at my destination safely, your reaction just baffles me and, frankly, your reaction is only making things more dangerous for both you and other drivers.

stu S says:

when you watch this you realize how effeminate you act and talk. if you're actually gay I apologize.

j12torts says:

We dont really need this technology. Its merely to cater for lazy people. Our grandparents survived driving T model fords using manual transmission. They were happier than we were.

We talk about sustainability and environmental impact. Do we really need to produce this crap?

Sticky Notes says:

Please pass these out to humanity as soon as possible because people have lost their patience to drive

Emmanuel Mulongo says:

I'll buy a fleet of these to operate as Uber's – excellent business opportunity!

GamingTaylor says:

Just imagine how much time people will have to do other things to and from work… My parents spend AT MINIMUM 1.5hours a day driving to and from work with traffic. I could just imagine in the future, they could be laying down relaxing and watching movies, surfing the web, or playing video games while traveling.

Prabhsimar Singh says:

Try autopilot on Indian roads and the car will refuse to move an inch.

dude says:

I have goose bumps…

canes says:

people don't even pay attention when they are required to use their hands. I honestly don't think we're ready for more distractions like this …..

Cosii Surinporn says:

I don't know why but I think some day the auto pilot will turn on u in the future…..

JapCarRealGood says:

+Jalopnik If you're driving a Tesla and it gets stolen, is it now called an "Edison"?

Vince says:

Where's the fun in that

gauthier1123 says:

That's really scary…

Anarchy Record Productions says:

Yes but can it save us from the Decepticons?

Kayla Johnson says:

i can't wait for self driving cara

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