Test Drive Unlimited – Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo #2

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Test Drive Unlimited – Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo #2


LannyCalifornia says:

i driven one of these.. it was funnnnn and fast 140 mph! 🙂

Andrew B says:

the song is no match for the saleen muahahahahahah

augustas471 says:

i have reached with this car 437 km/h on world track,but then i crashed to police and one police car floated away and it was so fun!!!

JulKa says:

officially the most shittiest fucked up piece of monkey balls car in whole game -_- cost a fucking fortune to buy and controls like it's on ice all the time even with driving-aid fully on -_- i can't stand this junk

De-M-oN says:

For me the sound is not like this :S
Maybe another bug in this game with your pc? I dont know.

I drove with the standard setting. and with this the car was really like driving a formula 1 car on ice xD

De-M-oN says:

what is happened with your sound? :S

and which controller do you use? with keyboard this car was so undrivable. it was like driving a formula 1 car in winter with snow & ice :/

Andrew Thomas says:

Yeah that was my only problem to

Drew says:

lol verry great music with the car lolz

Tieb says:

1:38 LLMMFAOO!!!

R0o0g3r says:

Saleen Dealership LOL..

Harry Green says:

i like my a3 fully tuned its kinda quick for the price (i do have this a mclaren etc)

Gabriel Cenzano says:

is that the ps2 version ?? =D if im right im gonna buy this game right now.. it looks so real

Crazy Kenny says:

The Koenigsegg cant be tuned to 1047hp…

W00tmaXter says:

u just got to love these types of cars

blown5.3 says:

yo wats ur specs

Laurens Van Audenaerde says:

now you gotta buy the F1 GT or LM that has just come out^^

Guilherme Volpato says:

Saleen S7 is a monster, has not fair acceleration than other cars, if you are able to correctly pilot saleen, then it will be much better than other cars

Thomas E. says:

it's your money both are good

qu1cks1lver56 says:

i remember this game, i hated it, all the cars sound the exact same almost, the v8 cars sound like rice burners, wtf!

ppatrikfromEST says:

i have that car

B0SSNINE says:

I have the PS2 version and on mine it costs $220,000. I used the "Next upgrade is Free" from one of the clubs since it was so high. 😉

jakeh56 says:

the real Saleen S7 Twin Turbo cost aprox $720,000 , thats like buying 3 lambos!

Donald Crump says:

what song is that!!!!! it rocks with the speed and grind of the 1000 horsepower!!! and la la la la!!! LOL!!! i have to listen to that when i drive mine!!!!

So then I was like says:

Jesus, it's trying to suck all of existence into those turbos. 😀

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