Testing the world's first 3D printed brake caliper

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The world’s largest 3D printed titanium pressure functional component ever produced on one of the most powerful brake test benches on the market! This is what it looks like when Bugatti prepares its first printed titanium brake caliper for series production.

Further information can be found on http://www.volkswagenag.com and on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/vwgroup

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shawn mendrek-likesalotofcreamincoffee says:

188mph@220c disc, not bad. I could imagine 110mph being usable but I am not 100% sure what a disc is supposed to be at for sure, but it looks good to me if it ran around 100mph or 80

shawn mendrek-likesalotofcreamincoffee says:

whoever added slow motion, thank you so much for this.

shawn mendrek-likesalotofcreamincoffee says:

3d printed war-mechs complete with 3d printed futuristic weaponry ran on cell packs as ammo for laser weaponry. soon

ᄐᄎᄃ says:

브렘보치니까 이딴듣보잡이나오네

Standly UA says:

Poor metal parts of the brakes

Fatih Oğuz says:

What is song name

Coop Shop Designs says:

I don’t think it is advisable by Bugatti to hit the brakes that hard because those brake pads were toast after 3 or 4 runs lol

Toni says:


Sukhdev Singh says:

What's the background music can anyone tell?

OptimalChief Gaming says:

Buggati has 2 engine

A R says:

Dieser Sound 😍

Jay Kellam says:

are we going to acknowledge the fact that no one knows what SUV that was? could this be a sneak peek

Dylan Michael says:

Q. Who uses a torque wrench without a hand stabilizing the fulcrum? A. Bugatti computer nerds.

cosmicway says:

I 3d printed my calipers my car is still at the bottom of the lake

Sir Digby Chicken Ceaser says:

Am I the only one that has sympathy for car parts?

Conrad b Racing says:

Poor brake disc

Trolleroskar says:

The moment you realize you can't 3D print aluminum and have seen this vid on Bugatti channel: I have the intelligence of a God

FI- YA-SSIN says:

The name of the music in the last video please

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation says:

Nice reupload the the breaks are actually titanium and this is just a reupload

XxshuffledudexX says:

What music is this? I like it 😏😏😏

Irje Jcm says:

Why are there even dislikes in this?

Wali M2002 says:

Whats with the fake title this is basically the video where bugatti testes his titanium brakes

Mike Taram says:

Brake like this 2 to 4 times and go back to shop to replace it

moinmoin says:

Just incredible. A normal 8 piston caliper easily weights 15-16kg on the AMG ceramic brakes for example…this one weights 2,9kg. You can see how light it is when the guy takes it off. Just a beautiful piece of engineering. And the organic shape. Looks like mother nature knows a thing or two about designing efficient parts. Material only where it needs to be not where limitations of milling or forging machines dictate it. Titanium is so incredibly hard to work with, from production to processing. It's also amazing that the part has almost the same tensile strength as a milled part for example although it's only a clump of titanium powder melted together by a powerful laser…

Homer Simpsons says:

For real?hello 3d printer, bye2 parts shop

RKH08 says:

If it was painted red it would have lasted much longer

Hasan Cakir says:

What are the specs? It has 8 pistons and 4 pads I guess. What about the force and other technical stuff? What is the benefit of using titanium caliper?

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