The $100,000 Dodge Demon Is the Craziest Muscle Car Ever

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The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is the most ridiculous muscle car of all time. Today I’m reviewing a Dodge Demon to show you all the cool features of the Demon — and to show you what you get with a $100,000 Dodge Demon.


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Doug DeMuro says:

Ya know … I had an incident with a Hellcat.

XeuyTkeuiTrauiT 1's says:

From a distance you look like Will ferral

Richard Weyland says:

Hey Doug, stick a sock in it. Doug score for Doug: Lame-o score: 10. Head up your butt score: 10. Man boobs: 10.

Omar Garcia says:

Just put a stick shift in it fuck launch controll

Aryaman Varshney says:

People forget that this car is only fast in a straight line, put some corners and other German competition is better overall

kenny harp says:

That stupid childish smirk when you gave it some gas is one which I envy very much. I will never get to experience that haha, however I am eyeing a Scat Pack Challenger now. Wish me luck…Subbed

Clyde Toerner says:

Kid crying for parents: Help me!!

Doug be like: To find some parents, visit my colom on to find some parents looking for kids

rezo94 says:

ehm… putting ice on hot metal??? wow what a material scientists

Bytah says:

The evolution of the car

Level 1: Baby
Newborn: M-Benz E-Class (1
Toddler: M-AMG GT S 4 (2
Level 2: Child/Pre-Teen
Kid: Bentley CGT (3
Youth: Austin Martin (4
Pre-Teen: Camero (5
Level 3: Teen
Teen: Ford Gt (6
Pre-Adult: McL P1 (7
Level 4: Adult
College: Laferrari (8
Midlife: 918 Spyder (9
Late Adult: D-Demon (0
Level 5: Senior
Senior: Adventador (917 Exact
U finna die baby: Bugatti (1,872 Exact

The Last digit u get is ur car

Jaime Tapia says:

To ugly and hevy for 100 k

Robert Wright says:

Well obviously the DEMON possesses one to buy this car!

Joseph Aguilar says:

Fords cobra jet is way fucking cooler and fatser.

Yxj Ly says:

Bugatti: we gonna make a car with mostly carbon fiber and put some silver to make it shiny.
Dodge: big boi, fat boi, go fast. Big engine woo woo woo.

ctjsca says:

Fastest production car for sale? Not anymore. The Tesla Roadster….0-60…1.90 seconds.

Curtis Btyant says:

I can’t drive this one to church though

jPhilly215 says:

doug fyi 100lbs = 1/10th time in 1/4 mile

KrispyOtaku says:

Nutritious vegan burger vs all american classic cheeseburger

Jxshua Yuzn says:

Oop, the new roadster is faster

Kaelin Middleton says:

Doug the kinda guy to say something so literal that people cant understand because their retarded

Марко Кена Михајловић says:


Antreas Konstantinou says:

5:22 "The actual hole, is a hole"

Fortune Gamer says:

Sun is red , Sky is blue. This winter I'll fit my shirts with glue. I wont take any shower.

Britto Gnanapragasam says:

Doug is almost gonna crash the hellcat Well,he driving the demon.After the video Doug is going to give a 100,000 dollars to the owner of the demon he is just giving the Doug score to the replacement of the demon after all.

Üńìx ZíèsTō says:

Roblox wayfort drag people lol

MrEslender says:

Despite some negative opinions on American made cars… to me its clear they are doing something right.  I just take my friend's corvette grand sport 2019 as an example of a 80 ish grands sports car that is track ready and super fast. And then there is this one. I dont agree with the statement that I heard that American cars are all garbage. I don't agree at all!!!!!!!!!!!

MrEslender says:

Soo in terms of performance per dollar, its an unbeatable Bargain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kayden M says:

I know someone who got hit by a demon going 180 in a 30 and it got totaled the person hit was in a mini van and it got flipped and it was a bad crash

Lil B says:

My dream car 🚗 one day 💕💕💕🏟

Oh, It Burns says:

Doug is the type of guy to yell car noises while running through a Walmart with a shopping cart.

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