The $148 Million Dollar Sports Car Built To Beat Tesla

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You won’t believe how much money Bugatti, Hennessey, keonigsegg, lambo and porsche have poured in to their hyper sports cars to make them faster than Tesla’s new roadster!

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Ever heard of Elon Musk and Tesla? Well, if you haven’t, you might be living under a rock. They’ve just unveiled their fastest and most innovative car yet. However, they aren’t the only ones pushing the bounds of what a supercar can do.

The Tesla Roadster is Elon Musk’s fastest creation yet, and it is impressive. We mean, impressive. Musk’s astonishing vehicle has utterly destroyed the lightning-quick records set by Ferraris and Lamborghinis in the past. However, its reign atop the fastest car ranks hasn’t lasted overly long. Some other notable companies and competitors have been putting their own hypercars together, going so far as spending upwards of 150 million dollars and attaining hair-raising speeds over 300 mph just to develop a vehicle that can surpass Tesla’s finest. In today’s video, we’re going to be taking a look at some of these incredible machines, and how they stack up against Elon Musk’s infamous Roadster. Fasten up your seatbelt, because we’re going to be racing through some of the fastest, and most expensive hypercars ever created.

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TheRichest says:

Would you buy one?

Kaden Ficco says:

Hennessy venom f5 is faster than the Bugatti Chiron

Jason brgmn says:

Koenigsegg jesko absolut

Zen GGL says:

its KOenigsegg not KAYnigsegg

John Jeswin Chris says:

U dont know shit°

Kenneth Gitau says:

Just cut the BS and go right into it. I was losing my mind.

Vutivi zitha says:

you funken racist

Iman Soluki says:

I think you forgot Mercedes Benz AMG project one which does 0_60 mph in just 1.6s flat .
What do you think about it?

Ben Colledge says:

I have got to correct you the chiron wont do 304 mph you cant go buy a chiron and it does 304 you need to buy chiron sport 304 so it a diffrent beast to chiron and chiron sport so have to pay for 304 mph chiron sport

Krishant Sharma says:

I don't think he realizes that the roadster costs less than $300,000 and the rest are north of $1M, exactly.

fuckyoudion says:

Porsche taycan
1917 hp?
0-60 1,87?
Are you fucking kidding me??

Devin Powers says:

Koenigsegg! You say the o, Kone. Not a Kane.

Carsen Murdock says:

I AM INFURIATED. As a car guy these “facts” make me cringe.. 1. Don’t ever say koenigsegg like that again. 2. Jesko was not the founder of koenigsegg. 3. The Chiron Super sport is different than the Chiron. 4. 3 of these car have not been driven yet, they’re what you call “she’ll cars”.. built to bring press to a brand. 5. Don’t talk about Porsche ever again. 6. You show pictures of the karma while you talk about the pinnanfirina. 7. These cars don’t compete with the roadster. 8. please never make another video about cars again, your not allowed

240fxst says:

It’s seriously “quick” not fast. Know the difference? I prefer hearing and driving a V12 over anything that maybe quicker like an ever- ready bunny on elec-roids that sounds like ??? (Mute) tires. The government these days is dictating emissions on the road big time. Lower displacement with forced induction or strapped down in an electric chair for the thrill of exhilaration . Hydro -carbons vs acid waste and mfg. pick your poison! Me, NA12 FF. Stricter mfg guidelines in China and India should be the choice of a more eco friendly environment more so than cars we enjoy to drive. Other option is a large V12 with an electric motor to turn it up instantly anywhere like the P1, La Ferrari or a Carrera GT with a V10 6 speed with everything you can dream of from one of the greatest analog performance sports cars of all time . I hope I shared my passion with legendary cars that should never be forgotten in place of an electric chair.

Flaming sword_xxx says:

IDE but all of them

Supercharged V8 Jag says:

Please please do some proper research before coming out with another car related video. Most of your facts are completely off as well as your pronunciations.


🏁🏁🏁you have to look all the way🏎️🏎️🏎️
0:44 🔥🖤💗
👇 👇💕

Its Jigs says:

Bugatti record does not stand because they didn't go in both directions.

Josh Samorodin says:

Tesla roadster top speed is +400km/h and that is the base model

Mingiedi Luvuezo says:

Millions to beat Roadster?🥱😵

Cyrus Gonzales edits says:

Is Koenigsegg kOE

ImAParadox says:

This is such full of shit reminds me of The Fortnite Guy

Doggo says:

this guy makes me really mad… the venom f5 was claimed 301 mph it was never proved it could hit anything close to 270 and the chiron is not actually the fastest… less than a year later koenigsegg destroyed them with a video edit: ko-nig-seg not kaynigsig and the founder was not jesko jesus christ im sure this gets any other car enthusiests that know what they are talking about mad

Non Stop Brayan says:

The taycan does not do 400 miles per charge

Chief says:

The jesko would Destroy that pewny bughatti

Jacob Middleton says:

Possibly the least accurate video I have ever seen… hard to watch


“Electric engine”- it’s motor. Engine implies burning fuel

MadRiv says:

Wtf is a kaynigzeg dude thats disrespectful

Kirito Kazuto says:

The Chiron doesn't do 304 it only does 289.

lolyabo the shadow says:

Dude where do you get your information from like all these famous car brands where already faster than the Tesla's

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