The $3.8 Million Mclaren P1 LM is a BEAST

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Day 2 of the F1 Tour

My Gear to Make Videos:

Sony AX-53:
Circular Polarizer:
Gopro 1:
Gopro 2:
Laptop –


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Craig stokes says:

the burgundy f1 was written off and rebuilt

kamikazekaos says:

They don't sound good as lambos massers ferries

Car Spotting Chicago says:

That car is at Chicago right,Btw

mxtzmatz says:

the mclaren p1 gtr and p1 lm are the fastest cars on the world

kaos izm says:

this is not a production stock car from McLaren! so! the GT2 RS IS KING FTW!!!

only140 says:

Can someone help me understand why people are running around like madmen with cameras? Do they get paid for the photos? This is ridiculous.

callum loretto says:

Oh my fucking god. The amount of P1's

Zongtao Li says:

p1 is a beast, but the F1 is a fantastic beast LOL


King of Car. MC LAREN F1 and MC LAREN P1 LM

The Scandinavian Gaming Channel says:

That McLaren F1 LM Longtail… For some reason I love it even more than the P1 LM. That car just demands respect!

Edney Helenedossantos says:

Where was it recorded? hehehhe

sutats says:

Doesn't feel like 60fps

Jesse Martinez says:

I've been on the toilet for the past hour…

justabelgian gamer says:

such an awesome car indeed!!

hampstershat123 says:

So who's idea was it to have lunch at a place with that bumpy ass driveway haha

Sthembiso Blose says:

lol that moment when he said"come on,go ford kuga let's go"

nigmafrost says:

mclaren f1 baby! the OG TOP DOG! need for speed 2 for all the racing game lovers!

Peter Hirling says:

Why everyone is in the car while the front line comes down any crosses. Lol. This is funny. They ruin their nervousness for these legendary cars. That's not gonna be okay in the future. Bad idea.

Enno Wulf says:

Nicht einen Penny Ich Hasse ihrgendwann schleimer wo fahren sie denn All ES ???? stehtGeld ? Schmiere Arbeiten ? Der Penny Brennt Nie ????? Brennt 12000 ?

Robanz ZZ says:

I jerked off to this video.

Max Kaufmann says:

The maroon F1 is Rowan Atkinsons car, that he sold in 2015.

Andrew Hatcher says:

Lucky those guys stood around in the middle of buttfuck nowhere in the rain to get some blurry snaps for their collection!

smasila says:

How are the F1 LM GT1's (LARK and GULF cars) even street legal????

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