The Aston Martin Valkyrie already has HUGE PROBLEMS!

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I am not entirely sure how they’re gonna get around these 2 big problems, but I’d love to hear your thoughts. Seems impossible in my eyes to be accomplished, but I guess it’s up to Aston to make the magic happen!


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Bit Error says:

Show this car in spanish

Lemon IX says:

You literally have no clue what you're talking about, dude.

Mick Stodd says:

Faster than an F1 car eh? Great marketing line. Let's see it…

Karla Quero says:

Maybe it's for slim people or f1 racers

alex dexter says:

Crash test will be nuts

Michael Flouch says:

It's Aston Martin I am sure they will manage without you.

Champion Wang says:

Oh wow… Quality content, a video not milked to the fullest for maximum revenue? That's a rare sight on here

JC Cole says:

How about… um.. not fucking buying it if you are too big to fit in one? and let the others who can actually drive it get one?

1111pyramids1111 says:

Aston Martin has always catered to the SMALLER ASIAN CLIENT under 5'-9" , 170 pound dudes and dudes-es.

Med Otaku says:

Oh…. The Valkerie isn't in this video.

Dislike and stop watching.

Mihael Merkler says:

Who needs a Airbags?The customers want to die like a real man 😀

Mike Haftel says:

Wait, so if you shop around to different dealers, as an informed customer, McLaren will blacklist you? WTF

ludocrat says:

They sold all the cars they plan to build months ago. And I very much doubt they care about rich chubbies in the US market. Why should they!

Richard Atkins says:

Aston is basically saying they don't want fat fuckers fucking up the weight ratio , this is how to stop that 🙂

Greg Gregoriou says:

I think it looks fugly and I would never own one, even if I had 1 gazillion of any currency to my name

Freddy is Ready says:

Oh do fuck off you stupid ignorant twat

Lucian GamerulXD says:

Fuck Yourself

Domingos Silva says:

Really good point. Brands are going so far to get the ultimate track car that is road legal and it raises the question…is it going to be usable? Cars like the McClaren f1 GT-R, the p1 GT-R that have been converted to road use and so on are amazing machines but not really usable. Still its going to be awesome to see what this machine is capable of doing! ???

Tommy Baker says:

To start, ALL 125 have been sold. Aston Martin probably doesn't give a shit what YOU OR US lawmakers think about the Valkyrie. US market, who needs it!!! These cars are built for the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Daniil Kvyat and Max Verstappen, not Fatty Arbuckle and friends.

Lenny Leblanc says:

No disrespect but,, the issue of a customer getting stuck with a car they don’t fit in is kinda dumb. I’m sure when the customer is getting fitted for the car they’ll realize they don’t fit at that moment and cancel. Who’s going to buy a car they don’t fit in, unless they just plan on looking at it. Lol.

Adebayo A Akiode says:

Hello salomondrin and Awwwsome video i just ? the new Aston Martin Valkyrie beautiful hyper car the inside is too small and i just watched Shmee150 video on YouTube ? ? and he said it's hard to get in that hyper car and out of the car . peace ? . ☺

Tim Keepers says:

Again, you are a moron,

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