The Bentley Continental SuperSports is a $310,000 Bentley Hellcat

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The Bentley Continental SuperSports is the most powerful Bentley ever made, with 700 horsepower and 750 lb-ft of torque. It’s also the fastest four-seat car in history, with a top speed of 209 mph. It’s basically the Bentley Hellcat… and today I’m reviewing the Continental SuperSports.

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Payback ! says:

Who opens the hood with the door closed?

Systems Realty Team says:

Dream car….

Gary Mathis says:

Yes i am a fan of doug demuro my only complaint? I WISH he would give us front camera views when he steps on the accelerator opposed to his goofy sometimes (most of the time) exaggerated facial expressions

Divij Sharma says:

It dont seem that good

Dylan Mccann says:

Dodge demon faster fool

Azureey Kola says:

Such a shame that you didn't hop on the backseats. Your review is uncomplete.

rychartz says:

Design flaw? It's a safety feature so you won't accidentally open the hood whilst you are driving. C'mon, Doug…

Deep Singh says:

Doug's the type of guy to go on tinder just to have people let him review their cars

Khizar King says:

Its all bullshit. Same old v6 v8 etc engines presented to you in different models. Buy the cheapest car you can find to get the exp

Nathaniel M says:

supersports sounds weird

Abdul Fooligan says:

Doug's the type of guy that wipes after passing gas

Aman says:

Doug makes his sex face everytime he accelerates a car.

Zef Gjurashaj says:

Dodge: I’m about to end this mans whole career

moises guerrero says:

douggy, you said,' Bentley dont get any credit…. something for old people" but they have a race team who compete against Ferraris and Mercedes, like you had to give them that at least lol

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