THE GRAND TOUR – McLaren Senna [Napisy PL]

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S3 E1 [Detroit] I invite You to my channel where I have more Grand Tour


吴方雄 says:

Senna is the best ever

Ψ says:

Id stick with the old gen NSX. That car was actually tested by the man

frank white says:

I bet the Vulcan is actually faster. Put them at Paul ricard or spa the Vulcan will obliterate the senna

Demon says:

It looks shit. The P1 is the only modern Mclaren that looks awesome. And ofcourse the F1

Sreelal Sreekumar says:

No AC??

Rock Dude says:

What's the Nurburgring record for Senna?

Gui Kirsch says:

It weighs the same as a bag of whip its lol

Ali Qazilbash says:

I know that’s not a Toyota but it just gave me a trd

Self Made says:

i dont like the way it looks it like a talented 50yo man dressed like a 16 justin biber fan

Jaime Montejano says:

Still like the laferrari more, but, respect

Jai Bee says:

230k for a 720s but 1.8 million for a senna with an extra 50 horsepower?

magnus4g63 says:

I sexually identify as an elephant and i am very offended !

Gerry Watson says:

Shame it's so bloody ugly!

Jonah Ray says:

Yes need to concentrate on F1 also but GTR 👍 the Nissan on run flats that's amazing

Trista Fravel says:

The Senna looks like a nice car – is the steering column reinforced?

Joseph Airhart says:

Don't want to sound stupid but if you are planning on going to the track, why not buy a used gt3 race car (trofeo, cup car, etc..) with slicks and be a lot faster and for only around 200k US. The car is not exactly pretty and you can build a street car that is faster like a stripped out 2000hp gtr or lambo. The only reason to buy it is for the prestige and brings. Honestly you would get the same amount of attention in liberty walk modified super car.

Rushdi Ishmail says:

McLaren Senna. WOW! 😎 This car is amazing!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧👌🏾

Freddy Fox 500 says:

Even Clarkson´s is getting tired of these new cars.

srinitaaigaura says:

I wonder how much faster it would be with 265-270 section front rubber. That was the one thing Chris Harris had a problem with.

Happiness Sad Cup says:

Over 350million people worldwide every week no one has done that and no one will

The GTE Channel says:

What an ugly looking thing. The car isn't pretty either, Senna should have deserved a beautifull piece of design, this is just an insult, regardless how good it is….

Hammmod Jabeer says:

Sorry, the Porsche 911Gt 2Rs can't compete in the ring.

Kyle Pinner says:

how much does a bag of whippets weigh?

Kalle Sundqvist says:

IF Ferrari Do a Ferrari F8Tributo FXX i then think Ferrari Beat MATRA -MCLAREN P13 SENNA P14 SENNa Becorse The Ferrari F488 PISTA BEAT The MATRA -MCLAREN 650 LT in a DRAGRACE

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