The Grand Tour: Porsche 917 vs Porsche 911 GT2RS Race

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In this episode of The Grand Tour, James May looks back at the incredible story of the Porsche 917, and puts it to the test having legendary Dickie Atwood race the 917 against Neel Jani and the Porsche 911 GT2RS.

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Micah Elm says:

2x legends… and the two guys in the 911 seemed nice too😉

Kevin JWK says:

GT2RS is 1,800KG? WTF

朱正清 says:

I cried when I saw this😥

Roman Me says:

Modern 911 looks like an SUV in comparison with the 917.

Abhas Shekhar Chandra says:

0:28 goosebumps

James Arthur says:

He's 78 and still that innate ability to push a race car, that's one cool old dude! What an honour to watch

Suzuki Strange says:

35 years on and about half a mtr faster 😛

PiDsMedia says:

621hp in the 917????
Where's the other 800 gone?

TacoMeat FijiWater says:

agressive 911 driver lmao he would have so many penalties if that was a pro race

Raz Raz says:

too bad the video didn't show the reality of how the 917 would absolutely murder the GT2 🙂 but it's a show I know I know..

King E says:

This is fucking insane

The Shadow says:

I was expecting the 917 to win. The 917 has a power to weight ratio advantage and can also out break the GT2 before corners because its lightweight, even if the GT2 has modern technology to regulate all the things such as throttle, breaking ect ect to the optimum level I still find it hard to believe the GT2 could beat the 917 especially with Dickie Atwood at the wheel. There is only so much technology can do. And i doubt the better tires on the GT2 is enough to make up for GT2s disadvantages. So im in doubt.
Brilliant race nonetheless.

Pierluigi Mancini says:

È finto. Lo vede pure un cieco.

Dung Nguyen Manh says:

one of the incredible things is the 911 got into the conversation at all, I mean, as fast as the 911 is, it's a road car, and the 917 is a stripped out racecar, I know the result is probably fixed, but even if the 911 got into within 3 seconds of that 917, that'd still be an outstanding achievement from Porsche

Grip Gambler says:

Awesome. Wish they had more celebrity showdowns!

OmarSaletovicPrins says:

James May shouldv'e been in the 917 talking to Dickie!

Ima quigmire says:

78 years old and a driving GOD. I loved this video!

Arjun Bhat says:

You should do a 911 GT1 '98 vs GT2 RS vs GT3 RS.

That would be the real deal.

Aitor Tilla says:

Dicky and the Porsche 917 won to me.

Nordi Mejia says:

I don't think the 917 was really going for it.

Shane Lynn says:

Which would u rather?

Me, 917 it looks and sounds awesome.

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