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The mercedes project one appears to be the ultimate troll

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1hard2findbro says:

Parker, you deserve a Shorty, Streamy and Pulitzer for this unprecedented piece of digital journalistic greatness!

Keller Rail fan says:

In the trailer it has p1 sounds

PewDeadPie says:

Mercedes One Have A Lot Of Element From F1

Nick Wightman says:

Maybe McLarens BP23 will be their Diss Track to the Project one

L I am says:

0:15 you can hear a little bit of p1

Cole Robertson says:

It's like ford vs ferrari

Karp says:

M-B – 1
McLaren – 0

G.G says:

For whot bmw dont do car like dis? Bmw so mac nerd my with his ekonomy politik.Pleasee tel my

ItzNooBle says:

I hate MERCEDES and like Mclaren

Nadyah official says:

Wow so
Mclaren senna vs Mercedes one
Worth to wait

Harrison Cao says:

and no the Tesla model s p???d can rev up to 16000 rpms

Harrison Cao says:

it is not the first the mclaren f1 is parker

Nasko Mitrov says:

8:47 probably mclaren nit mercedes

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