The New Bentley Continental GT: Fast And Smooth | GQ Cars | British GQ

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The new Continental GT is a dramatic overhaul of the Continental’s USP – in terms of its dynamics, the technology that underpins it, and the imagination that’s gone into this British (but German-engineered) luxury totem.
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Presenter: Jason Barlow
Camera and Editing: Luca Lamaro
Editor, Conrad Quilty-Harper


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The New Bentley Continental GT: Fast And Smooth | GQ Cars | British GQ


J.A. Jones says:

MPG aside, what's the big difference between the 8 & 12 cylinder? Which would u get??

J.A. Jones says:

How are Bentley's in the LONG TERM?

J. Montrice says:

Very Beautiful Car, I love Bentley

Mark H. says:

what is the soundtrack??

john kidd says:

What plastic are you talking about, this is a high class car, not a BMW or Audi

Pete The feet says:

How can GQ not produce a video with correct sound quality! Really quite then massively loud.thanks, my ears are now bleeding.

OHM says:

TOP PICE !! this one is the worst configuration on colors !!

Mark H. says:

What sound track is the music? what type of music is this?

Neyamul Arpa says:

Very good looking except the tailback light!

Jesus Frelser says:

Don’t lean on the car. It’s disrespectful.

Alex Gutierrez says:

Ummm.. I have to find the english subtitles to understand this one… there it is! phew

wholeNwon says:

I wonder how much time this VW will spend in the shop.

N S says:

What a joke the car loses a fortune in a matter of years in fact over 100000 dollars within 7 years.
Bentley has never held it's market value in the used car dealer bracket it just drops down in price and becomes a working class man's affordable dream, so much for false Prestige!

Benito S. says:

Guys, never listen to the engine sound on the front of the car! That's why we have sport exhaust 😣

Emad Ahmed says:

What a work of art!

Armando Cabrera says:

It’s amazing how they can keep the same silhouette over the years without people getting bored

white park says:

It's perfect car.

listenmullahsb says:

Amazing.. finally a Bentley that is fast and smooth, I mean what were they thinking selling all the previous Bentleys for decades, none fast or smooth. Thanks a lot Germans!

Drazen A. says:

Backround music is to loud , iritating … Reportage is nice .

Pinky Bandinsky says:

Am I only one, who noticed, that, that this guy's accent is half britan and half american. Does he went from USA to UK, or vice versa?

may day says:

love it but not that color

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