The New Bentley Continental GT Search for Hypercars!

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With the keys to a brand new Bentley Continental GT Convertible V8 First Edition, I’m off in a search for the hypercars of Car Week! Cruising around in style and luxury, the likes of a Bugatti Chiron, 3 LaFerraris, a few Koenigseggs and Paganis and plenty more come my way. What an amazing car show, and what a way to get around!

The new Continental GT V8 carries a 550hp 770nm twin turbo V8 up front to effortlessly power the convertible around town with the roof down. Finished in Barnato green paintwork with a stunning finish to the interior, it also does so in elegance and comfort. I’m attending the weekend’s events with Bentley who are currently celebrating their 100th anniversary, so what could be better than to enjoy the moment with their latest production model.

Along the way I also came across the Continental GT Pikes Peak speed record car, fitted with a fantastic Akrapovic exhaust which we can take a list to. This is literally the very car that holds the production record at the famous event.

From a car spotting perspective; what an unbelievable day! When you find the latest models like the GT2 RS, 488 GTB and Huracan rolling around like taxis, the sense of what’s special starts to become challenging. The sheer count of hypercars though almost beggars belief, including other stand outs like the Ferrari F50, W Motors Fenyr Supersport, 2 Koenigseggs, 4 Paganis, a P1 GTR (albeit under cover) and much, much more.

There is no place quite like Monterey Car Week, and I certainly enjoyed my drive around in the new Continental GT to track day what’s about.

Thanks for watching, Tim



Shmee150 says:

What a way to go on a search for hypercars at Car Week, driving in the new Bentley Continental GT Convertible V8 First Edition! You won't believe just how many amazing cars could be found on the streets around town; absolutely breathtaking.

Max Nobleman says:

Did anybody notice when he went by the gallardo he called it an lost 560 but it was as Quadra corsa

Random. says:

7:54 what street is this?!

Durandt Storm says:

That blue Ferrari is one of the very first models if I'm correct

Sudarshan Hardas says:

10:45 Did you say a "yellow Dawn"? 😩

Xantijn Videochannel says:

3.59 it seems to be a Porsche 959 in opposite direction

Andrew Williamson says:

So many Ferraris and even the restaurant was called Enzo 🙂 LOL!

TheHidalgo99 says:

The interior is such a treat. Plus if you wish for a more classic look you can just hide the massive display. Just fabulous.

David Ng says:

I thought v8 Bentley use the Red badge logo , but not in this case lol….

Thatguywithnopancreas says:

Your adapting to America just great , your a good guy get along with everyone. Must be having literally the time of your life!! Bkess you for having these experiences in life.. I cherish the way you cherish it, and only wish health wise I just had nite time, trying to see the TPAIT specialist in boston at the BEST HOSPITAL you done the eastcoast? I'd love some guidance if you would be so kind. Times just not on my side and need to see these drs soo desperate, my bodys tryin to kill itself everyday and I'm constantly putting out fires. Bless I appreciate your work Joe by the way sir

Thatguywithnopancreas says:

Shmee when you saw the f40 and said one day….dont you have one sir?

Mike Apocalypse says:

the white Ferrari you had trouble identifying is either a 308 quattrovalvole or 208 gtb/gts turbo i think, looks very similar.

Joe Reinhorn says:

Hey shmee how many of your cars would you give up for a F50?

Adam Alipour says:

Where is that???

james barrett says:

did anyone else notice shmee miss the Ferrari f1 car at 12:42

Bob Smithies says:

a parallel universe

Arrington Smith says:


Scotch says:

Who’s cam man? Sam? Shame the Ford GT for the points crowd was not on the road.

John Sanli says:

When ur car makes the video 😤😤😤

BeMoto says:

25:00 4 seater? I think not judging by how you have your seats positioned.

dsm3ds says:

No car suit Tim more than this one.

Bismark Bribi says:

So shmeee you mean Volkswagen group of VW owns Lamborghini and Porsche, I never knew.

textmachine09 says:

Jesus christ, finally a lexus lfa.

Mason Elam says:

He’s talking about all these hyper cars like the Chiron, f50 and all that but I just want to see that black c6 zr1🥺

bram v says:

This video explains that the gt2rs is a normal and boring supercar

Emba Kub Motoring EKM says:

This is just unreal!!!
Crazy, insane, mad. Where else would u see those kinds of cars.🔥

OutOfRangeDE says:

Shmee should have shout to the car rating guys: "Hi guys im Shmee!"

Samuel Sandoval says:

Hi guys Im…Shhhhmmmeeeeeeee.

New Zealand Videos says:

17:02 good to see New Zealand represents that beautiful car

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