The New Volvo XC40: Walk Around

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Take a tour of our new compact SUV with Model Brand Manager Louiza Atcheba.

Discover the new Volvo XC40:

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D Concursos says:

This is the most beautiful car in the world, my dream to have one of these, just a miracle even, congratulations to Volvo, I am a police officer here in Brazil, if I won like the American Cops I would buy one today, now.

Miguel Ibaceta says:

she is hot as the car

Maria Dolores Projecto says:


忠穎Johnny 李Lee says:

How about R-design inscription or hybrid range?Volvo do you offer these?Kind regard Thanks.

CJ Masters says:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Perfection inside and out

Carl Kane says:

Looks almost EXACTLY like the Jeep Compass..Yuck.

ruzzell907 says:

It's such a cozy yet very spacious car. I can't find anything to complain about this car's interior, there's no places or things that aren't functional nor ugly to look at. It's just beauty and practicality all around.

ruzzell907 says:

I wish Volvo would make a 7 seater car at the same price as a XC40

Sachin Sharma says:

One day Jesus give me Volvo car

Sachin Sharma says:

Now I have no Volvo car. But one day I buy Volvo car. Ammen

Sachin Sharma says:

I love all Volvo car

Sachin Sharma says:

Superbbb safety features in xc 40 volvo

Sachin Sharma says:

Superbbb car xc 40

Ronin585 says:

Rims 21" not, are 20".

Kalinda Cheung says:

It is really beautiful! and so cool! I hope Loki or Thor can be starring in your commercial videos :p

Gille87 says:

Snygt Sverige! I love the design. My dream car. It reminds me of Starwars so even better.

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