The Pagani Huayra Roadster Is an Insane $3 Million Supercar

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The Pagani Huayra Roadster is a $3 million car — and an insane one. Today I’m reviewing the Huayra Roadster, and I’m going to show you all the quirks and features of one of the most unbelievable cars. I’m also driving the Huayra Roadster to show you what it’s like on the road.


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alex szn says:

they should remove those excess roadster badges and there you have an even lighter huayra!!!

James Garvey says:

I spy Dougs GT.

Ray Kehr says:

You can buy my zx10 for $5k and go 0-60 in 2.6.

Fernando Jr says:

Laying it on with the ads, greed creeping in. did you know doug decided to sell pictures of cars with him in it..

Ray Kehr says:

I wonder what the insurance is for that car

Corey Smith says:

Couple of points. If I pay 3 milly for a new car,that bitch better have special doors and I better not need to to stick a key in the ignition and that hoe needs to be able to beat a 2020 Corvette base z51 package to 60mph.


Dan Strausbaugh says:

3 million??? Way better thoughts on spending 3 million dollars that has zero practicality …

Wesley Naylor says:

I like the slapped ass look of the headrests.

brtnspn says:

Drinking game: COOL.

Magnus Andersen says:

Only 7 in quality score?
But 8 for Senna and 918?

DJ Fadeout says:

this man… hes a car nerd……. dosent know what a sequential transmission is

Object1161 says:

You cant call it a car. Its a piece of art

Joel Sanford says:

That font that labels all the switches completely ruins the interior. Serifs=Fuck no.

Project ANMU says:

wow that key looks really cheap

Daniel Lloyd says:

The interior is just too much and the key is kinda gimmicky. says:

I don't find the dash beautiful at all, quite the opposite. Nor anything else in the interior. Sure, nice craftmanship, but it's kitschy.

Karam Alezray says:

Anyone noticed Doug’s Ford GT in the background?

nick h says:

Sigh….. alright Doug.. i'll admit
…. i did laugh when you said Stinkin Coupe (peasants) 😂

Nick M. says:

Is this the Roadster?

SsgtHolland says:

Looks like Pagani was inspired by Spyker for the interior.

aniket k says:

That key perfectly represents the car "Dusty"

Alboqami says:

Whatever car you get you still with the same shorts, incredible.

ireallycareful says:

Open the damn key mate!

Aamir Khan says:

You're like a less gay Billy on the Street of cars.

Varskar says:

To me, the interior looks hideous. Just one big mess of every scrap they could find. And headrests look like butt cheeks. 😀

Power Evolution RC says:

Wonder if doug ever thought he'd be reviewing the world most exclusive supercars when he started. Personally ive been watching since the beginning. No one does a review as in depth as his. les b roll and way more details

Power Evolution RC says:

I love all supercars but to me koenigseggs are the ultimate supercars. No huge well known corporation backing them but still building cars that can rival a bugatti in terms of performance. Who gets 1500 horepower out of a 5.0 liter? KOENIGSEGG. Who comes up with a valvetrain that needs no camshaft. Koenigsegg. Who comes out with a supercar with a single speed transmission. I'm sure my point has been made. But still love the Huayra

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