The Porcelain Bugatti – L'Or Blanc!

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This rarely seen L’Or Blanc is delivered to me in Dubai for just a day so I can see it in person and share this masterpiece with you!!

This is the world’s second only look at this exclusive one of one Bugatti. The only other arranged video is the making of this car in 2011 by Bugatti itself.

What makes it so special? This Veyron Grand Sport is the first vehicle ever made, that incorporates porcelain details on both the inside and the outside of the car. For more info contact:

Rêveur – PEYRUIS

[No Copyright Music] Cha-Cha-Cha – Dj Quads

No Copyright Music] Paradise – Ikson


Scholar says:

I want a pair of those elephant pants….lol omgosh!!!!

Wolf _939 says:

12:22 guy:this roof costs like 4 and a half milion dolla…
*pretends to put it on the ground

Yahya Kettani Hassani says:

Whats the sont at 3:40

Lucian Catalin Ciolacu says:

👀 Uau Uau uau

Yung. Lace says:

$5mil for toilet material🤡

Stufflr says:

For me Nissan GTR is better than Bugatti 🙂

Ben Xavier says:

Her excessive use of the word exclusive

Judi Howard says:

Love those colors👍

Pir_u says:

Where are the guys from Grip??

Oscar Korsgaard says:

am i the only one who thinks it's a bit ugly

Trey Stewart says:

That car is fast

Marissa Claypool says:

This is great! , I'd really love to see under the hood of the cars in your videos, I love Supercars, thanks SC blondie.!

Duc Anh Vu Tran says:

The sound of the engine is like an airplane.

Duc Anh Vu Tran says:

Supercar blondie, you have to go on the track.

Duc Anh Vu Tran says:

The key of the Bugatti is unique.  The Mercedes has only 26 caracters and a number to test.

Lbcnu24 says:

Finger prints on the doors… song note on the front… "S" for Scott – Scott Grossman ha

Tobias Kramer says:

The one and only 😉 Super Blondie

Miguel Seca says:

Bring me a land cruiser anyday

RixiRooTM says:

Why does every video say that whatever car we're looking at is the most exclusive in the world? Just wondering… Surely only one can be.

TommySotomayor's Momma says:

The leather is dirty next to the center piece with the writing KPM. I saw a smudge of dirt

TommySotomayor's Momma says:

She gets access to these cars because the dudes want to bang her

Kalif 2018 says:

Huh a veyron

Navid Sablaghi says:

Did she just say yallah at 0:17? I freakin love this chick 😂

El Asote Asotador says:

That guy is Freezer in his last form? … pretty sure yes

Silver Silver says:

Колхоз пздц

Usman Ghani says:

You dont accept my request in facebook why??????

AY07 says:

It has the Volkswagen chime

vagrant143 says:

What kind of sunglasses are those?


Is it me or is she starting to look weird every passing day.

Cwaniak z Iławy says:

Rich idiot made this car horrible .

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