THIS is the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ That Broke 300mph!

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This is the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ that set a world record top speed of 304.77mph! There will be 30 customer cars to be built and who better to show us around than Andy Wallace, who piloted the car to its Vmax, breaking through the 300mph barrier for the first time in the process.

The Bugatti Chiron launched a number of years ago as the successor to the Veyron and it was always expected and hoped that a Super Sport version would follow that could attempt to break a new top speed record. With 300mph in their sights, Bugatti have created exactly that car and achieved the top speed of 304.77mph or 490.48km/h at the VW test facility in Ehra-Lessien.

Versus a regular Chiron, the new car features a power bump to 1,600hp (1,500hp in the Chiron) and significantly revised aerodynamics. From the front onwards the profile has changed, with new air curtains around the sides, openings to release air from the front wheel wells, and most significantly a tail that is elongated by 25cms. Challenges came on many fronts to make the run possible, from the contact to the ground with tyres to handle this speed, through to the precision and solidity of every component in the car.

While the run is not recognised as the “Guinness World Record” as it was not completed in both directions due to the nature of the track, that still stands with the Koenigsegg Agera RS at 277.9mph using a complete standard customer car. Also the first road car, and in this case a road legal car at that, to break the 300mph barrier is a modified 2006 Ford GT from M2K Motorsports that achieved 300.4mph in just a standing mile! However, the Chiron Super Sport 300+ has taken the crown for the highest speed and certainly cements Bugatti as the first manufacturer to break the 300mph mark. Not only that, but when customer cars are delivered, they should in every way be able to match the incredibly high top speeds too, and those will of course be road legal.

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Shmee150 says:

Checking out the record holder! This is the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ that shattered records with a top speed run of 304.77mph. It's now going into production with 30 cars to be sold to customers. What could be better than a visit to Bugatti to be shown around the car by Andy Wallace himself!

Dirk van de Kerkhof says:

I so so so want the Koenigsegg Jesko or McLaren Speedtail to breach the 500 km/h, let's get some landspeed record wars under way again!

andrew evolution says:

My favorite still the Agera, but i will love to see both in my Gran Turismo Sport… and play with both…

Sam Milleno says:

I am putting my veyron vittese for £900,000. Gonna miss it😢

The Terrible Puddle says:

Is it enough that I drill 9 holes in each side of my Chiron for it to reach 300mph?

mero Love says:

hennessey venom f5 is faster 0-100 1.9 seconds 0-300 under 10 seconds and can drive over 500 kmh

Babayega X says:

You know what's crazy? Something most people hear but don't truly understand if this car being made of almost fully carbon fiber, the car is literally made of a few rolls of fabric and some glue. Including the rims. Nothing but molded fabric. Who would have even envisioned that 5 decades ago. Making a car out of rolls of fabric. LoL

Babayega X says:

5:10 there size of the disc rotor is almost the same diameter as the front rim which I believe is 21 inches. That rotor must be about 19 inches across. Insane

Kristianism says:

It's not a bugatti chiron you fools!!! Try to look closely, it's a truffade adder!!

Peter Sampson says:


Sthembiso Blose says:

Can't wait to see koenigsegg or Hennessey venom f5 to break this

Aryan Chaturvedi says:

The wrap looks like the GTA5 Adder

On Vacation says:

Absolute art 😍

Charles Pruett says:

Let's SEE them hitting 300+ mph! Talk is cheap. I want to see the clock! The Ford GT hit 300.4 mph at the Texas Mile in March of 2019. You can actually see the digital read out. Show me the clock.

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