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Today we’re taking a look at the TOP 10 FASTEST CARS FULLY UPGRADED X999 In Forza Horizon 4 where a Top Speed record is +297 MPH!!

How fast can the D-type go and what top speed can the car reach ? We know that the Koenigsegg Agera RS is the fastest car in the world but will it be also in the game ?! if so what are the next fast cars that can challenge it in terms of top speed and fast accelerations ? let’s do a TOP Speed test & make a list of a TOP 10 fastest cars fully upgraded at X999 in Forza Horizon 4!

In this video you will see the TOP 10 fastest Cars in Forza Horizon 4, all cars are fully upgraded,all cars are at X999 except the Jaguar D-Type & the top speed will be displayed in KM/H and MPH for better
understanding and more speed comparison details!

SO Let’s do TOP 10 fastest cars in Forza Horizon 4 only fully upgraded fast cars, acceleration test with launch control and see which car is going to be on top fastest on the list! We all know that it is going
to be tight at the front between the koenigsegg Agera RS, the Bugatti and the Jaguar D-Type but which one will be on the top of the fastest car list ?!

Only the TOP 10 fastest Cars and fully upgraded are listed and the top speed will be displayed once the car reach its maximum speed! Get ready for a speed of +297MPH !!

TOP SPEED Test was under the same conditions using more than 10 runs per car and 2 sets of tire per car!

All Fast Cars in Forza Horizon 4 settings :
-All cars are fully upgraded
-Acceleration with launch control
-Traction Control OFF
-Stability Controll OFF

TOP SPEED Test was under the same conditions using more than 10 runs per car and 2 sets of tire per car!

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Lidia Brzezinska says:

99999999999999999999km/h omg <3

Lidia Brzezinska says:

I love cars x999

Kenny Sharp says:

that agera looks nice😍

Vasilios Sotiropoulos says:

F12 TDF is faster than the f50 imo

Hyperlink16 Yt says:

Can someone buy my agerars bid its 284mph and I don't want to lose it in 23hrs

Aadam Hussain says:

actually its the ferrari fxxk

Alberto M says:


Kevin GuintoRoy says:

why the Agera got a Mohawk

Unlucky man says:

bull shit :d

black rider says:

D type?……

Ali The Konqueror says:

The Ethalon says:

goddd the sounds are so off.. the F1 sounds like an aventador (I know its a BMW V12) and the D Type sounds like a V10 hurricane

DankDudeXVX says:

1 time. My Agera RS hit 462KPH

Viktor Svensson says:

i got my mosler mt 900s to 471 km h

X Rex 16 says:

So he didnt tune them other youtubers tune them and dont have the best tuning skills so i preffer this video

Mateusz Kiernozek says:

Mosler can ride 470KM/H+

haci bazarov says:

Ferrari 599

Heitorgamer BR says:

you mosler s tune are't good mine take 472 km

Egor Lypin says:

The most idiotic racing game.

Egor Lypin says:

The worst cars sounds.

MRA Gaming says:

Bugatti Chiron?

Lucifer says:

I reached 468 with the Mosler.

Iurie Cotorobai says:

My mosler went 275 MPH

Vadik Utkin says:

And where is Bugatti Chiron?

Serbian Baller says:

Is Jaguar D Type as fast in Real Life as it's in the game?
And why is it so fast in the game if it's not in Real life?


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