Top Gear | Mclaren vs Lamborghini vs Noble in Italy

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Clarkson, Hammond and May try to find out how fast they dare push their cars during top speed runs at the Nardo Ring. Hammond drives a Noble M600, May a .

More about this programme: In the first of a brand new series, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James .

Clarkson, Hammond and May attempt to beat The Stigs lap time in a Ferrari 458 around the infamous Imola circuit – the most dangerous track in the world.


Leon Andre says:

I can't hear anything at all

jolly lovehack says:

actually there is something very weird with the audio

Gio says:

“It isn’t made out of the foreskin of a whale it’s from the interior of an Audi”

billy parker says:

The similarities between this car and these buildings are endless: weight for example, is exactly the same as that one points to the biggest building

Calys Agora says:

Fuck your revenue-whoring editing.

chosen one says:

Audio whack

Jordan Cummins says:

What Jeremy said about turning the key in the key slot is very true. Just turn the key and it starts. Push button cars are tricky.

Josh says:

Jesus loves you.

Chief Captn says:

the foreskin of a whale

Shontymo says:

''the sperm bone''

Francisco Correia says:

PLEASE I NEED HELP: When May presents the Mclaren there is a music. I have already been searching for Top Gear Soundtrack and the music they say it is…. is the wrong one. Can Somebody help me???? It is on my head for days and Shazam cannot pick it up. The music starts at 3.07min of the episode

SaggyHUGGIES123 says:

Why more dislikes?

Grekeren says:

Great fakking video

Massimo Bomba says:

What episode is this and what season is it

Marcus Aurelius says:

the good ole days…

Aranu says:

why not just leave the key in yout pocket? thats what i do

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