Toyota Land Cruiser stuck in desert sand

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Our Land Cruiser was stuck in the desert of Oman. Had to call for another vehicle which itself got stuck for a while when it tried to navigate through the sand. At the end, all went well.

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Glenn Yu says:

Toyota sucks!

Bruce Lee says:

Landcruiser ohne geländereifen ? Wie Dumm.

Faatih's best gaming and adventure says:

Go left and right so you could be free

أبو راشد الحويطي says:

لو حط سجاد تحت الكفرات كان طلع بسرعة

أبو راشد الحويطي says:

نظام الزحف ودبل ودفلوك وأخر شي مغرز

Caadil Wadani says:

هاي سلطة عمان

Rashid Khan says:

It's a good car but bad driver

Muhammad Khan says:

Land cruiser almost died

mohamed sharif says:

Beautiful car but poor Driver you brought shameful to those awesome TOYOTA

Rayuga Dragon Emperer says:

Why didn't he use 4wd

Abdikhalaq ibrahim says:

4wheel drive is a desert car

Behrouz Bahrami says:

العرب المخ طعامه لذیذه

Wifi iraqi says:

هههههههههه قويه الشاص

Hasmat Ali says:

When other car is stuck land cruiser helps
But when land cruiser is stuck land cruiser pickup helps

Land cruiser is king for life

سجاد آلّزُآمٌلّيِ آلّزُآمٌلّيِ says:


مهرداد پرست says:

عرب های ملخورادم شدن ایرانی هابدبخت

مبارك الهمامي says:


TAKA love サイコー says:


Bernhard K. Teinzer says:

Garnicht so einfach wenn man jahrelang nur ein Kamel hatte.

Asdfghhbhvhi Asdf says:

njnbnj jjbb

Mane hawlery says:


Cheikh Malal says:

روعه وإذارا

اليوتيوبر يوسف says:

تراهم عرب

Zen Brahimi says:

We the master of toyota in that desert.

ahmed saleh Alafifi says:

no need to another car to help, it. an get out of this super eazy, i even can get it out with out diflock on, people if you go offroad, take some one experienced, some who had been to desert before, plus in this video almost nearmis, after got out, the front car driver wanted to reverse but 2 fools are standing behind, on reverse car making alert and those 2 still didn't move!

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