Tuned 2012 CLS63 AMG – One Take

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The first-gen CLS basically introduced the modern four-door coupe design that’s as common today as shoe laces. This second-gen 2012 CLS63 AMG started life with a 5.5 liter twin-turbo V8 making 518HP and 516TQ, and cost about $100,000 when new. It has a tune, some clean aesthetic mods inside and out, and is very, very loud.

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Blinx197 says:

My E63 is having these turboback pipes installed right now. Thinking, I might go full straight piped too. Resonator is still in for the moment

drew wave says:

I can’t make up my mind between this and a m6 help me plz..

Jon M says:

Russian? Sounds like it

Josh Pickles says:

That's a 2015 not a 2012.

Duke107 says:

Bro 98k with tune good shyt

S G says:

Woah how did I miss this

K06E says:

So Matt Ferrah is too rich to come out for these drives?

Terence Enoh says:

Hello…What tune do you have and how much HP and torque?

MrDuyy says:

What happened to Dana White

Tajj jjat says:

this reviews not the same WI thought Matt who is this wiener lame as jokes Bruh I was more sour listening to his voice fkn killed it !

Cody Lamers says:

98k miles? Thanks for sharing your mileage. A lot of people hide it for whatever reason. How reliable are these engines? How many more miles could you expect out of it? Maintenance?

YakoffShmirnoff says:

The two of you look like Alt Right spokesmen in that thing

Jozef 09 says:

the steering wheel is not from 2012
and even the screen

JAY AREA says:

Check engine light on with no muffler ???

Big Mc says:

How did he got the facelift interior in a 2012 cls? It's very nice!

007 T-5 says:

This guy driving is a fucking idiot. Oh I'm eco friendly. Listen guy, there ain't nothing we are going to do to hurt this Earth. Earth's been around for 4 billion years! We're not hurting it by using cars! You your kids there kids will all be fine unless we have a nuclear war. These eco friendly people. Give me a break, he's going to ride in a Prius or electric car and think he's doing his part LMFAO get over yourself. Live your life don't worry about hurting the earth. Worry about the earth whipping a tornado down your street and flinging your electric car through the trees!!!!

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