Ultimate Aero Shelby Supercars March 21 2009 Redmond Town Center

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A short video of the Ultimate Aero when it visited Redmond, WA for Cars ‘n Coffee at Redmond Town Center March 21, 2009


Gerfall says:

@playman9111 You don't know shit about this car. Why spew out your random bullshit?

TheOfficialKC says:

I need to go to Washington to see this car.

EatmyDust1311 says:

@TheOfficialKC i know, i love the car i just wanted some undeniable ammo for all the haters out there. some of them just have thier heads so firmly jammed in bugattis ass they just cant accept this aero as anything other than another wannabe they wont listen to fact unless tg baptizes it

TheOfficialKC says:

The SSC has a very high quality, all hand built car. The engine was based off of a very reliable endurance race engine (C5.R) then redesigned by SSC to be a lot stronger. The engine will last twice as long as a Veyron's.

EatmyDust1311 says:

@playman9111 your a dumbass. its build like a diamond, but stronger, look like a koenigsegg? no, not really. ccx is a double bubble veyron look alike. the ssc looks different, new and better. also, considering the old engine was based off a bullet proof chevy racing block and the new one is even stronger, the wannabe segg will break down 5x more than this beauty. and it is more comfortable and refined and luxurious

EatmyDust1311 says:

how does it look up close?is it detailed, finely built and high quality? i hope so!

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