Ultra HD 4K 308 km/h RACE Lamborghini Aventador vs Bugatti Veyron Vitesse -presented by Samsung

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Presented by Samsung Ultra HD TV: This Ultra HD video shows races between Bugatti Veyron Vitesse vs Lamborghini Aventador from a rolling start. Samsung Ultra HD 4K technology delivers four times the


Md Iliyas says:

Yeah bugatti I'm like your speed

sarvesh gangarapu says:

Lamborghinies cannot beat bugattis and that's for sure😎😎😎

Augustin amida says:

Lamborghini looks way cooler and faster than a buggati but a buggati is way faster

DK DEAD says:

a ou lamborghini rattraper ceb haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

El Porchettaro says:

Normal roads aren't a straight line bring them on a track nigga and the bugatti get roasted

Zander Esterhuizen says:

I think lambogini shoud won

عدنان Craft says:

Buchaty best

Adrian Campbell says:

But what crazy challenge . On the strait road of course the Bugatti with it'ss v16 quad turbo engine there is not way for the Lambo , instead In a track The Aventador is more agile would win

Matei Cosmin says:

This bugatti deserved his money I'm so fast now!

Rebeca Matos says:

Eu prefiro a Lamborghini Aventador, esse carro é lindo demais mano

captain BRO says:

Ilove veyron

Mason Jones says:

1:23 my fav sound of aventador

Mason Jones says:

A maxed out aventador still prob wouldn’t beat a buggati but a maxed out aventador svj would

Michał Muller says:

I'm like bugatti veron

Elizabeth Samuel says:

Buggati la voiture noire vs laferrrari

Lukixa says:

like bugatti
comment lamborghini

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