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S2 E11: 2005 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Competition. One of only 5 maybe 6 worldwide examples. This fantastic car belongs to our good friend and local car collection Juan Carlos.

In this episode we go for a drive and talk with JC. We discuss some significant history including race pedigree and how this race champion track monster turned into a street car.

The Saleen S7 was first introduced in 2000 as a naturally aspirated 7L V8 car with 550HP. In 2005-2007 the twin turbo was implemented and only 30 twin turbo cars where produced making 750HP. The car we drove was delivered with 850HP because of it’s competition package. But with some slight tuning it’s actually producing an impressive 900HP!

The competition car had more boost, more horsepower, rear wing and a free flowing exhaust. In fact, the wing is said to generate so much down force that at speeds of over 160 MPH it created it’s own weight in downforce. So in theory the car should be able to be flipped and still drive upside down.

The Saleen is certainly a huge part of the American car history and rivals the more popular super cars and hyper cars of it’s time and even in current times because it still remains as one of the fastest cars in the world with a said top speed of 248 MPH.

Not the first car that comes to mind when you think hypercar and thats why we choose the Saleen S7 to be spotlighted on this weeks episode.

A very special thanks to our friend JC for this opportunity!

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MOTOR HAWK car n truck enthusiast says:

This is how the c8 should've been made and also keeping the v8 rumble !

Benjo_ 1812 says:

How small is it?🤯👌

Shard's Adobe says:

You channel is super underrated! You put ALOT of effort into your videos! : )

Mr.CandySkull says:

Srry, but if they asked me any car to choose for a test drive it'd honestly be a McLaren F1 1993

xevious2501 says:

When the S7 came out, Jeremy Clarkson specifically banned it from being tested on TopGear because he knew after all his bashing of american sports cars back then, that the Saleen S7 would top the Top Gear Track record times, mainly the time set down of his beloved Ferrari Enzo. He knew the truth about the S7 because in racing form it was dominating world endurance racing series, both in the US and Europe namely SCCA DAYTONA and Lemans series. He had the s7 on display durring their Top Gear world tour, but used the car as a sorta bashing point, calling it automotive pornography. Meaning that the US made Saleen with its Europeanish styling was a fake. questioning its aerodynamics. Interesting enough those very comments from clarkson proved his ignorance, because the Saleen s7 was the first hypercar to utilize extreme racing euro in a road going car. Only recently have sports cars implemented the sorta 'thru the car' aerodynamics the s7 employs. including true under-car venturi tunneling. The s7 was well ahead of its time. And though some would question its top speed numbers, those figures of 240+ are not just accurate but proven during GT race series, especially at the 24 hr's of lemans and the mulsane straight, back when the straight didnt have chicanes.

Кокаин says:

nice video man, fell in love with this car since im 10 playing gran turismo 4.
Whats the song name tho 0:47? sounds so nostalgic

Daunte uflay says:

looks like the koenigsegg ccx

Dachande Wuffsteiger says:

that noise you put on scene transitions/cuts is pointless and adds nothing of value. Also take a car to a track. Seeing you two grandma it around little havana in vice city and panic at the slight sense of HP detracts from the car and my expectations of you as car guys. If it's truly a super car your chase vehicle shouldn't be able to catch up/overtake. Just fake it if your chase car is a a POS chevy sonic. its called automotive cinematography. look it up. Ya'll got the equipment, now just try to be good at it.

MB Music says:

Maximum comfort

Lucas Martínez Parra says:

Oh, darn. All this horsepower and no room to gallop.

Carl Bernroth says:

Underrated? Well, JUST LOOK AT IT?!

Dom inik says:

Gastons voice came unexpected

bob-Saleen_S7 says:

Most beautiful car worldwude so far! To bad you are not allowed to drive it in Germany but who cares, I would love to pay the penatly, totally worth it👌🏽

Влад Поляков says:

у гурама обзор спиздил черт ебаный

nathhekzz says:

Speeding 🎫

Professor Finesser says:

Dream Car since MC2

Jeremy 77 says:

Drive backwards my ass,that's some hella downforce.

Jared Ellifritt says:

My favorite supercar of all time ❤❤❤❤❤❤😍

Axle Rose says:

One of the best super cars ever designed in my opinion.

Ricky Boada says:

Awesome video!

Kc says:

Drive upside down not backward!

Herwanda Laksono says:

My fav car on Midnight Club (PlayStation 2) 🔥🔥🔥

Anthony Mason says:

In Midnight club I use to drive the shit out this car 🔥🔥😂

Jay D says:

I did. Lol. He meant upside down when he said backwards. Lol

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