Unwrapping a NEW Bugatti Chiron – The First Customer Car in North America

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Lamborghini Centenario Roadster Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifJWcG3sJvw

Hellbug 235.7mph: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpDpOWoXidw

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Rüdiger Müller says:

Nice Car- fancy colours! 🙂 Looks like Baden-Württemberg sign…

Amrit marwah says:

It is your cars

Jacob Rance says:

thats a touraeg key…

Barta Bhaus says:

Worst spec so far.


For a few million $ car , the Bugatti are pretty ugly …

roopesh singh says:


Angel Sacristia says:

I can use the cover my 93 Mitsubishi Lancer 😉

Vines Retarded says:

The bad thing is, that if I would saw a fucking little scratch on that beast I would fucking cry and get a heart attack

Scavenger says:

4:51 lined up perfectly with another video on daildrivenexotics channel, and yes i was watching two vids at the same time, at 11:53 on his video called HIGH SPEED DISASTER Corvette BLOWS TIRE At 200 MPH

V-Dez _ says:

I would have gotten it in black. Black is so stealth

Ruchit Patwa says:

whoooo seriously awesome… no words for chiron ?

Michael De Santa says:

No, i cant afford this but its just pure shit for me

funny videos says:

Ye video bhi Dekh lo plizz


If you bought this kind of car in the philippines they just scratch it. -_-

Jordan Gyulai says:

Too bad Bugattis fucking suck

Sameer Shaikh says:

I like Chiron but colour wise super sports

Rainbow Printads Pvt Ltd says:

Can you gift me that ?

Артём Галиев says:

Русские лайк.

Упрошённый says:

Лучше бы мне подарили, бедному Автомеханику из России ?

Mr JPM says:

What you said 3:47 was extremely dumb

God First says:

Why this nigga ge in everybody car like wtf. Get out my shit

Gustavo l says:

And ide be happy with a 700hp jeep jaja

atul k says:


Nanda Mallawaarchchi says:

How rich is your friend

Nanda Mallawaarchchi says:

So he's giving r bughatti to you

JG says:

USA safety is shit. Bumpers on Chiron make car look like crap in the rear.

Pogsit Pogapo says:

those back bumpers looks gay

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