VW Golf 1200HP vs Bugatti Chiron, Koenigsegg One, Kawasaki H2R Tacho Comparison 2017

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Bobas VW Golf Mk2 4Motion 2.0L 16V Turbo street car with 1233HP & 1094Nm @ 64psi on E85 fuel. Turbocharger from extreme Tuners.
NG-Motorsports CNC cylinder head porting
Don Octane 6 speed dog ring Transmission

Performance Box:
0-100km/h in 2.4s
100-200km/h in 2,9s
200-250km/h in 1,9s
200-280km/h in 3,4s

1/4 mile: 8,67s @ 281km/h
car weight: 1180kg (2601lbs) without driver
top speed: 350+km/h

Build and Software from Boba-Motoring

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Boba-motoring.de or Facebook/Boba-Motoring #BobaMotoring


Desmond Conner says:

1:45 V16 ?
I think its a W16?

DerGlööcklervonNotreDame says:

Da ist der Motor haltbarer als das komplette VAG Motorsortiment^^

nicolas javela says:

Why if the car have a aceleration very amazing, it arrive more or less to 300 km if can give plus?

nicolas javela says:

Porque el carro teniendo una aceleración tan brutal, no llega a más de 350 km/h

JanJuly A2A says:

Hahhaa Standard Stock Engine Fight With Modified Engine.

sebastian foppe says:

what if …
VW Golf mk2 vs devel sixteen

Elfriede Mayer says:

Wegen 1 KM/H Beim 1600 PS Nissan GT-R

Wing ding Gaster says:

Bugatti is faster video of Bugatti WORLD RECORD 0-400-0 in 42 seconds
2:00 fake Bugatti fastest is 600 not 500

Gamer Kid says:

Kongisegg wins boi

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