What 0-60 in the new Roadster sounds like

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First test rides in the new Roadster.

Learn more: https://ts.la/Roadster


Vinny C. says:

I hate my life.

GoPro Gabe says:

Bugatti has left the chat.

Jah you of downloading something says:

Neighbor: What does it sound like dude?
Owner of new Tesla: HOLY SHIT, HOLY FUCK

CJ says:


Tesla Roadster:

Ulica Przemyslowa says:

Koenigsegg left The chat

Wilberth Miranda says:

the best company*(car maker) in the world

Harish Karunakaran says:

Everyone that disliked this works at shell.

#mavisxeden says:

Holy smokes
Holy shit
Holy fuck

RWBHere says:

Not a good ad for Tesla. Mother-in-Law pursed her lips and said that if it's going to make her shout those words she'll never buy one. Tesla’s loss there then! Rumour has it that M-i-L has been quietly practicing how to speak in bleeps.

Aruesx - Roblox and more says:

Tesla going into hyperspeed

Warrior Striker says:

What is the torque on it?

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