What happens when a Mclaren P1 GTR pulls up to a car show (BURNOUTS)

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Exotics on Cannery Row was a blast! Subscribe for many more things to come… also follow me on Instagram @alex.choi (I post a lot of updates on there)

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Thearc says:

The car around 1:10 is a verry famous ( old obviously ) car from France, by a French brand !

Rajiv Malhotra says:

Yo cite your music. Is that Joakim Karud?

Distance Shooter says:

Newport Beach wannabees. Forget about it.

UpComing says:

The keonigsegg is my favorite super car fuck the Bugatti

Joe Underwood says:

Not 612 scagliati
It's a 599 gtb

Convex Mist says:

Forza in real life

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

best car at 3:15 mark

Rover RBLX says:

Do you know jack ultra

Yall mind if i hit that Y8 says:

I wobder how much the downpayment ia for a regera

Grant Morris says:

great start, calls a 599 a 612. No comment

Davis Flesher says:

Koenigsegg regera, Agera RS Draken, Naraya, RS1, RSR, CC prototype, and CCXR, holy shit. (CC prototype didn’t get much attention because it was behind the regera, for a split second you can see it as the camera gets a frontal view of the regera

Matt Chua says:

Hey alex, where im from, "choi" means cool

The Koenigsegg MAN says:

2:14 lady in jacket be like….”WTF BROOOOOOOO”

Fahad Alazraqi says:

Does Christian von Koenigsegg have clones of himself?
This guy is EVERYWHERE

Reaper says:

sometimes I just wish I could live just one day like some of these guys, instead I'm stuck welding in a factory tearing myself apart for chump change just stressing over not knowing if I'm gonna be able to make up for all my late bills or if ill even be able to put the bread on the table, life just sucks ya know. I see these videos and it just gets to me

Reaper says:

so these guys all big business owners?

Tyler Melendez-Duke says:

1:44 the purple SV is from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (same city I live in) the owner calls it BARNEE

Mike Dee says:

Please send nudes? WTF?

Alex You says:

Could some one tell me what the music was??? BTW great video I love it

IGrillz Gaming says:

Buggati Chipotle

Broken Teeth says:

When I watched this I first thought it was Supercar suspects or Vehicle Vergins but I never knew Alex had a channel

diamonddragon 247 says:

I had a heart attack when I saw the car that said supreme

AZ Rc's says:

That p1 was at berett jacksons in skottstale

Mario Darkboom says:

Pretty sad there were no Dodge Vipers..

Connor Watts says:

The lady on the sidewalk at 2:15 ??????

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