Which Hot Hatch Is The Best? 1/3 – Fifth Gear

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The Suzuki Swift Sport goes against the Renaultsport Twingo to see which is the best Hot Hatch to buy. The first challenge is a handling test around cones in the quickest time.

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Mico Reyes says:

Twingo vs Swift

Mike Byrne says:

Tiff cheated. He did a j turn over the line while jason didcthe j turn before the line and then drove to the line

Kaushal Kumar says:

Swift is the best

vani raji says:

SSS is best

Midhun Surendran says:

This is soooo boring.

Aryan R says:


AA tech masters Goswami says:

Swift always wins

Edgardo Valle says:

I love Suzuki but damn that run out looks boss

Indian Tradition says:

Indian variant of the swift gets only 80hp??

Vishad Bindal says:

FIAT Abarth is better

Vishad Bindal says:

i hate swift worst car
FIAT is best

JVR Magic tricks revealed says:

swift is always the best.i own one

Franky Deschamps says:

the suzuki is Much butter than the the french renault because is japanese =quality

adriangs-t parada says:

take the Suzuki over the Renault any day of the week. ..

Manoj Ravoori says:

Swift looks like a bulldog 😀


but i go with swift

fireoil says:

as fan as suzuki motocycle and their legendary solidity, and, as a french and know lots of issue with renaults post 2000's cars , suzuki all the way !

Mayur 9850013601 says:

swift vs Punto

Anonymous User says:

swift sucks

Nazveel Patel says:

where's the gti

Kiran Kumar says:

swift might be a better option… i think so….


Stupid test. The drivers should try both cars.

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