Why It’s ILLEGAL to Paint a Ford GT This Color | Bumper 2 Bumper

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The Ford GT … Ford’s halo car, incredibly hard to purchase, already the coolest homologation car to date, so how do you make it even more rare? Well how about a SIX FIGURE paint job? We are going Bumper 2 Bumper on this Mystichrome 1/1 Ford GT!

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Donut Media says:

What color car would you make illegal?

Mon5ter says:

ill give ya a benji for it! Take it or leave it pal!

TheQueensAKraut says:

Sorry buddyy there is a video in your paid promotion .

XboxLiveTheif says:

I dont think its illegal for someone to paint their car. Unless you sign a contract or ford has a patent on it. Even with a patent you could paint it yourself, just not pay someone

Vladan Perovic says:

Umm colorshifting dip with a gloss coat? You know for a couple thousand max…. You get tired of it, peel it, dip it in someting new. Also protecting your original paint, this car will get rock chips and scratches and what not in the coming years, and then what? Another 100k repaint?
Hahahahha some people really don't know how to manage their wealth.

Daniel Delgado says:

It's perfect from factory, excepting the fact that it is a Ford… Hahaha

Etty says:

Wtf? Overpriced blue 😂😂

Scott Tait says:

You can get your car wrapped that color for 2 grand. You spent 98 grand too much

That one Refinishing Tech says:

Automotive painter: never can be mixed huh??

Richard Thompson says:

bs click bait

TwitedGamer says:

i still dont under stand why some one cant manufator this paint job and slap it on a gt 3rd party

Steel Titan says:

"What color car would you make illegal."
Less of the car and more of the engine. Titty pink.

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