Will The 2020 GT500 DESTROY The 2019 Hellcat Redeye In A Drag Race? Ford VS Dodge

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We finally made it happen guys, we raced the new GT500 against the Redeye and the results are in

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Mil Spec Mike says:

R888 is comparable to NT05? In what world? The R888 is a track tire, the NT05 is a drag radial. Having the two show up with different classes of tire isn鈥檛 a comparison.

Donny Lem says:

Def launched early on that second one

Michael Ledford says:

To be on top of all the stats n facts made you seem to be smart..Until you acted ignorant about the tire favor on the Dodge

The Backwoods Family says:

Hellcat jumped early second race easily

bruce krueger says:

Mopar baby ain't nothing but an old Chevy

Tony Cutillo says:

too bad American muscle cars are lamest and gayest

Marcus Stadum says:

There is a significant difference in the two tires they are supposed to be 100% stock but it was on radials

Amaury Ruche says:

The only thing getting destroyed here are those engines must be nice having that kind of money

Ricardo Corbie says:

With ya man jumping the light tells me The Hellcat Knows the Shelby is very deadly, it鈥檚 an Even match!! But the difference comes down to Driver!! Period!!

Charles Matthews says:

Looks like this one came down to the driver. Once running, the car length stayed the same.

Ted Bundy says:

Red eye killed that pony

Ryan Riggins says:

14:06 he jumped

Scott Robertson says:

Too much talk

Julian Lloyd says:

The hellcat only won once…. it every single time. Yes there is no argument, you lost.

Julian Lloyd says:

Ha! The data showed that you lost.

reaper creeper says:

if they would only make these damn challengers lighter. wouldn't even be a question.

Steve Jovan says:

Fast forward and both are repossessed as they cannot afford TP left alone their car!

John Hall says:

Yeah yeah. But It鈥檚 still a dodge. And probably will be falling apart within the next five years or so.

Bob Quattrini says:

Both Are Porky And Overweight….

itschallenger says:

Dude. the hellcat lost 2 out of 3 and one the hellcat red lighted.

Smitty says:

The hellcat is one beeeeautiful ride

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