World's Best Car Park? 4 Zondas, 3 Enzos, Veyron, CCR Revo, Gumpert, XJ220S etc!

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I found paradise! This is the car park at RAF Wroughton where the supercars taking part in the annual Wilton Classic and Supercars event took part in some friendly drag races organised by Vmax200. It would be a huge challenge to list the entire selection of cars present but here’s a rough outline:

4 Pagani Zondas
3 Ferrari Enzos
Bugatti Veyron
Koenigsegg CCR Revo
Jaguar XJ220S
Gumpert Apollo

It was quite breathtaking to behold and there are plenty more videos of these cars to come so stay tuned! (And make sure you’re subscribed!)

Thanks for watching, Tim



Car Blog:

Camera: Sony CX700


Christian Perkins says:

ariel atom cool

Christian Perkins says:

did I see an audi r8 e tron

Mohammed Akeel says:


Paul says:

Ik you don't have to own or try out something to criticise it but it kinda annoys me how a lot of the youtube comments are people talking crap about these cars when they'll probably never even earn the amount those cars cost in their lifetime, just take a seat.

ชิษณุชา เลิศคำ says:


Sam Kaplan says:

Does anyone know what car that was next to the orange Murcielago at the beginning?

Jadwiga Barchan says:

white gumpert yup awesome few enzos

Gurpreet Brar says:

at 1:15 i thought that the guy was holding a black dildo 😐

Win says:

1:25 Black car beside the yellow?

Hans van Schetsen says:

awesome car park, super, hyper cars and a ford Escort at 7.14 what's that about lol

mendocino marine says:

wanker festival.

Jawidan says:

whats the Name of this Ford on 3:23

Benny says:

I'm glad the Grey Defender was getting alot of attention 2:55

Bishwatma Dawadi says:

i vote for buggatti

Oleur Rahman says:

I see the Nissan GT-R

Oleur Rahman says:

Be nice to see a Nissan GT-R

leeoni israel says:


leeoni israel says:

We're is that located

Matheus says:

i just want 1 enzo for me. nothing else.

mermaltim68 says:

What was that blue Pagani in the beginning?

Tyrone Powell says:


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