Worlds Fastest Car on the Limit – Bugatti Veyron Super Sport! – Crazy

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Worlds Fastest Car on the Limit – Bugatti Veyron Super Sport! Its so fast!

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AA L says:

Bugatti: we made the fastest car
Koenigsegg: hold my drink
agera rs was made

Aleximo says:

Did the car just fart at 0.40 ?

Young Zeil says:

The Veyron ss should be going 0-60 in 2.4 seconds fact. Not 2.6 seconds but great video

joze janezic says:

hehe some guys dont understand shit… bugatti is build for liftime, no engine problem, no overheating, no clutch slip…nothing your gtr will brake all the parts.. shift forks, transsmision cases…all will with time go to shit when you are lounch car from 0.

srinitaaigaura says:

That last prediction was not very accurate.

محمد الدوسري says:

1/4 mile in 9 secs not 10

José Ospina says:

Chuck Norris' mom uses a Bugatti to power her blender.

Renaldo Nelson says:

Ive seen one of these in the wild 🙂

Juan Bustos says:

What a sloth 1/4 mile in 10sec a turbo civic can run an 8sec 1/4 mile

Juan Bustos says:

1/4 mile in 10sec I can turbo a civic and run it in 8sec buggati p.o.s.

cloudy skies says:

I like Bugatti

jd5179 says:

dang, my 15 year old galant barely reach 60 mph in 13 secs. imagine 200 mph in 22 secs.

Alex Popa says:

360p we meet again..

Chadw w says:

another 5000 road tests you dont think anything will beat it? wtf? so another version of the same car is out of the question? what a ridiculous statement

Simon maček says:

jimmy's supra reaches 300 in 13 sec bugati is laim dude. and it looks like a bulky turttle on 4 wheels. o and btw i think supra with all the tuning stil costs like 5 % of this

vu nguyen says:

I love bugatti veyron

Andro Geek says:

Love Bugatti…

rtefdf says:

1:23 sounds like a baby crying

ForestNinjaZero says:

We would have apreciated hearing the engine through it's power band rather than this idiot pretending to have an orgasm when he engages the launch control which isn't worth much of anything in the first place.

CHOPERUS23 says:

Still gets spanked by a 1 litre bike 🙂 Well up to 200 mph that's it.

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