Wrecked Lamborghini AVENTADOR Rebuild Part 1

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Welcome to the rebuilding of a wrecked Lamborghini Aventador ! We hope you enjoy the first part to the rebuilding lamborghini aventador project and stay tuned for Part 2!

Alot was accomplished here in the first part, including –
1. delivery of the Aventador
2. damaged suspension removed
3. body parts removed
4. wheel well repaired (we outsourced this work for the best results)
5. replacement suspension received
6. 95% of the knee assembly installed

It started to sprinkle, so the project was cut short. There was no room in the garage for the Aventador (no one was expecting a rainy day!) so the Aventador was covered for a night in the rain!

Please note: No one is an employee of the brands/businesses displayed on shirts worn in this video. Thank You !

Also, at 8:25 you can tell the CC rotor has a small chip. Rock inspected it and found no fractures or splits leading from it and he really didn’t want to wait a month to get his Aventador rolling.

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Exotic Rebuilds says:

Don't miss out on Part 2 of the Aventador Rebuild!

Luis Miguel Vasquez Villegas says:

I give you like just becaus i like NSX

redewaan josias says:

Do you have the front bumper?

popescu cristi says:

She can rebuild because engine is at rear😉


How much it cost you to build wrecked lamboragni

Tu Ho says:

IMHO I don’t believe the front axle is undamaged given the damage from wheels and deformation of control arms. Very good video. Thanks!

JuergenGDB says:

The large brakes still did not stop the care in time… Driver fail…. definitely driver fail. That is very cool you are rebuilding it. Cheers!

Rachid Saidani says:

Lomborgini elle est puissante et solide.???????????????????? C ést quoi sa

홍성완 says:

Intro song?^^

Mrgicm says:

Your rotor is cracked, you need to replace it

Christian Phillip says:

Similar damage like Goonzquad so should be easy fix.

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