ZENVO TS1 GT vs FENYR SUPERSPORT | Asphalt 9 Legends

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Find out which one is better in my video!

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MumdaCizBiz Ciger says:

İ come back to game after 10 mounths . Time to open that beast 59/60 .

Draditator #EChan says:

Laferrari Aperta vs Genty Akylone Pls

Михаил Фишеров says:

Fenyr in top

Edwin Contreras says:

I think there both grest cars

ETMars Gaming says:

again, unfair test

but fenyr still win lol

Sector A89 says:

Zenvo vs Trion Nemesis testing please please. same place or another place

AeroXTR says:

Eurobeat lol

LE 11 says:

But you said the file got corrupted

Ninx says:

great video!

Hassan Fast says:

nice intail d lover

Mojta As says:

Although i once said top speed is all you need in Asphalt games in the huracan vs Apollo N i also said other stats of the N did matter
And just like that VS now the fenyr won because of the other stats namely acceleation and nitro which the nitro played a major role not only boosting acceleation even higher but reaching top air speed faster and keep speed on ground with perfect and single with its long duration
P.s you did a horrible ending for the fenyr the time could've been much better
Other than that this is a great comparison the zenvo surely isn't king but it has the speed and fun fact it's better than the batista lolXD

Strider Stryker says:

If you guys don’t get the Zenvo, just get the Fenyr instead.

elly zar says:

Yahoo I Luv Fenyr

The Fabulous 3921 says:

Fenyr is also less glitchy, fenyr4L

Nam Kroha says:


Zenkyorno Or Shadow Dragon says:

I see, you used the video you used in the review

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