█▬█ █ ▀█▀ Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX Vs. Subaru Impreza WRX STI Drag Race [1/4 Mile]

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Hungary – KiskunLacháza [2008 – 09 – 27]

1/4 Mile

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шымкент шымкент says:

ево клас

caary kay says:

Say NO to subaru

Niko Moin says:

The wrx had such a slow shift

TheOnlySniper says:

man all those subie gangers tryna make up excuses 😐

Luiz H #PlanetaNovo says:


Anthony Price says:

Shit drivers

Джони Субарик says:

Субарик лучше

Bailey Beebe says:

Evo dusted the Subaru!!!!

jey2193 says:

Love both cars. But I own an evo 9. STI more well rounded. Evo more race car.

Анхаа 0909 says:

My two loving cars.

trenton mackey says:

You guys are retards Mitsubishi (poorly engineered made car) evo's are heavy compared to the Japan light subaru so with that being said you obviously see in the video the subaru struggles from 1 to 2nd gear because of it wheel spinning losing without enough traction and weight to help it accelerate properly and you see the massive weighted and high HP evo comes in from behind and dusts the subaru. if the subaru and the evo were running the same exact specs and modifications the outcome of this race would of have been different.

coolkid says:

hang on guys sti could have won but it has too much wheel spin that's why.

Jhay Aquino says:

evoX is always faster always better. mitsu. allday!


I own a Subbie, I've sat behind an Evo…I could say Evo is slick as fuck but guess what? You'er paying an arm and a leg more…

Lovepreet Gill says:

If it was Saburu impresa wrx sti 2015 lancer's silencer would blow up but it can't beat it so saburu is the best and lancer evolution gsr but there is also the difference of price saburu impresa wrx sti 2015 prices near about $25000 and lancer $30000 and in fact impresa wrx sti 2015 is much cooler than evo in exterior and interior so saburu rocks! !!!!!!!♥♥♥♡♡♡¤♧♧♣♣♣

Parker Barandon says:

How do you do that with the title? It looks cool!

PtrckILM says:

I watched most of subaru vs evo races and read the commets, they generally says "subaru driver missed the gear, subaru is not even sti, still subaru is best" but results are obvious. though both are great cars which have soul of racing. respect 🙂

Cutting Edge says:

Um subaru will always get smoked by evos so don't even think about it

Luke Kindred says:

Aaand the evos gone!

Yingjia Wan says:

Subaru missed a gear

Youtub3rh4x0r says:

Guys let's settle once and for all, both us shitsubishi fans and slowbaru should unite against everyone else 😛 Then after we fuck 'em all up, then we race to see wich one of us is the best, until then we're allies! 

Александр Мельниченко says:

Вечная война!!! Суба против Эво!!!!

Angel R. says:

The guy at the Subaru missed a gear, even though those Evo are fast too

Galicia 322 says:

The subaru had a bit head start and still lost lol

why am I here? says:

subaru? more like slowbaru

bloopsauce says:

Typical slowbaru

hatakashi1900 says:

MIVEC on Evo 9 gives it extra pickup speed and torque

jmdzero says:

Subaru had to increase it's liter output and still can't defeat Evo's!!!  Subie's are everywhere, Evo's are few and proud!!…… is like Evo is the hunter and Subie's are deer in the cross hairs!  keep boost'n happy hunt'n! 🙂

Shawn Moses says:

mistubishi better, lmao

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